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Main Set: Jumpin' In / Devil's Slide / Flying in a Blue Dream / Unstoppable Momentum / The Weight of the World / Ice 9 / The Crush of Love / I'll Put a Stone on Your Cairn / A Door into Summer / Lies and Truths / Satch Boogie / Shine On American Dreamer / Three Sheets to the Wind / Cryin' / Drum Solo / Time Machine / Always with Me, Always with You / Surfing with the Alien 


Encore: Crowd Chant / Summer Song 

With a top flight band of comprising of Mike Keneally (Frank Zappa, Steve Vai) on keyboards, bassist Bryan Beller (Dethklok, Dweezil Zappa) and drummer Marco Minnemann (Adrian Belew, Steve Wilson) Joe Satriani hit the stage after Sit Down, Servant who played a remarkable set – dense, seeping and the kind of music you want following you around on a flatbed truck wherever you are.


With an orange guitar and one eye on the audience Joe started as he would finish – tone, delivery and every option needed in his fingertips.  The crowd (guitarists, friends of guitarists and musicians of every ilk) dived in from the beginning.  There is no testing of the waters with the toe of a runner here – Marshalls were generously volumed and the band were away.

While everyone had their turn on the night, there was only one dancer on the card – the ability to hold the crowd from new too old to new speaks volumes of the crowds understanding of the music and the bands ability to deliver so much in so many different ways. For anyone that doesn’t play to that level of instrumental guitar (crowd banter, chant and encouragement was the only lyric on the night), Joe Satriani’s ability to make the extreme look measured and the measured look extreme (one hand, no hands, all hands) is as always extraordinary.  So much to remember, all the time in the world and if he missed a note or two, how many would have known…and would anyone had cared…yet somehow (expect for a possible moment of forgetfulness) everything is remarkably in place – at all times.

As with all songs, the vintage tunes get the roar, the new tunes get the intensity and the crowd wants to be involved – chanting in a call and response, clapping where the drummer could have been (and the drummer could have played chopsticks and still sounded like he was rolling down a mountain) and always watching Joe – revelling in his Satrialien-ness, he is standing on the mountain and he likes what he sees – the rest of us liked what we heard and watched the ride through America or the tumble down the laddered well on the big screen only when it lined up with the sound that rolled across the audience.

A sold out show, with the majority of the misspent crowd guaranteed to return next time - t-shirts and key-rings in place, and about the only thing I could say to the uninitiated is; it’s not too loud, the mix is the mix, he really is that good and it’s practice, only practice that maketh the man…and a Chickenfoot guitar never goes a miss. I don’t’ have every cd he’s ever released but I will buy the last two on Saturday and I may not be the only one that hopes Sammy Hagar and the rest can pick up Joe’s demo’s and put out another record with him…because of they don’t, there must be a million of us who would like to try!


by David Moran

David is singer/bassist for West Australian Band THE DATE

The DATE's new single 'GHOST NOTES' is out soon



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