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FEBRUARY 20 2015



TracklistingCrossfire; New Horizon; Raintown; Long Time Coming; Fight Fire With Rain; Heartbeat; Electric Lights; Ghost; Inside My Heart; Red Lights; We Rise; Only You.

Release date: EU: February 20th 2015 | NA: February 24th 2015

The eleven new tracks on this the fourth studio album for Norway’s Issa are just the standard you will have come to expect from one of the most exciting female rock voices of recent years. It doesn’t end there though so if you love your Melodic Rock with walls of keys, massive vocals and walls of guitars then this (again) is for you.

Collected from songs Issa wrote some five years ago with Tom and James Martin (who both play on the record) and produced by John Greatwood there’s more than a feeling of classic 80’s big-haired Hard Rock. If you close your eyes and imagine that Roxette and Heart were as one back in the day then you won’t be a million miles away from the overall sound. The songs are huge, the hooks are barbed and sonically there’s a slickness that you just can’t shake.

Of all the songs here there isn’t a foot put wrong, but as always we have our favourites. Best of all despite tough competition is perhaps ‘Raintown’ the duet with FM’s Steve Overland which evokes memories of 80’s Heart and pours on the emotion.

Of the rest of the album the title track (and video) elicits that real feeling of summer with its windswept melodies; whilst ‘New Horizon’ broods and glides before gliding into the air; before the immensely catchy chorus of ‘Heartbeat’ refuses to let you go. Add to that the fiery rocker ‘Electric Lights’; the sweeping sweet melodies of closer ‘Only You’ and the powerful ‘Ghost Inside My Heart’ and you have the sort of album you’ll find hard to put down.

Maybe Issa’s best yet…

Produced by John Greatwood and James Martin

Issa - vocals and bv's
James Martin – Keyboards
Tom Martin - bass and Guitars
Michael Cruise – Drums

Steve Overland – duet on Raintown



by Mark Rockpit