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FEBRUARY 21 2014



House of Lords is one of those bands who have consistently delivered the goods over the years but if you want to pinpoint their absolute career highpoints you might argue that those first two albums still stand the test of time so well. On hearing ‘Precious Metal’ you’ll be convinced that modern day House of Lords is equally as strong, or even stronger than ever before.


Precious Metal is the album that builds on the promise of a series of great recent releases like ‘Big Money’ and ‘Cartesian Dreams’ and when I say ‘builds on’ I really mean blows them out of the water. It’s hard to adequately describe what a huge leap this album is sonically, and to be honest I would have been happy with anything remotely similar to its two predecessors rather than an early contender for album of the year.


That James Christian is a great singer has never been in doubt, but this feels like the perfect storm: House of Lords has always had some great songs, but the 2014 vintage just seems to have upped the energy and intensity. ‘Battle’ the opening track has both power and majesty, it’s a sure-footed as a mountain goat and steady as a rock while ‘I’m Breaking Free’ takes an insanely catchy refrain and pounds it into your head until you’re begging for more and we’re only two songs in!


If you’re finding it hard to pick favourites here you aren’t alone, the songs are simply so strong and as I said there’s that shift in power and when you couple that with some great overblown keys what you get is a hard-edged solid gold Melodic classic. ‘Epic’ continues the great opening barrage with a soaring vocal and some soaring keys and guitar that just have your soaring away.   


The album is also beautifully paced, after that opening triple hit ‘Live Every Day’ rolls in on soft wings and lifts you up, urging you to make the most of every moment.  There’s a few funkier tunes to that make me at least think of Winger, like ‘Permission to Die’ and the wonderful duet ‘Enemy Mine’ which sees Christian’s wife Robin Beck supply the counterpoint. After the forceful riff driven ‘Swimming With Sharks’ there’s another ease off the throttle for the heartfelt love song and title track.  


‘Action’ picks the pace right back up as you might expect and along with ‘Turn Back the Tide’ seems to exemplify the new power and purpose the band has found in these two mid-tempo rockers, both of which carry huge choruses. Final track ‘You Might Just Save My Life’ has an even more soulful vocal and some simmering melodies.  Like the opening of the album we end with another three great songs to close. All we can say is ‘Wow!’.


This rivals anything the band has ever produced and cannot be more highly recommended for those who like their Melodic Rock with an injection of Pomp.



by Mark Diggins