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APRIL 29 2014



Thrash Metal stalwarts Hold Moses formed in 1981 and have always had an individual feel in that genre releasing songs and albums over the years that weren’t afraid to step away from the norm.


Several decades later we see a band that on ‘Refined Mayhem’ clearly still isn’t prepared to compromise even though the band now comprises of founder vocalist Sabina Classen (there since 1981) along with band members who collectively only have a third of her years in the band to their names.


‘Redefined Mayhem’ is therefore a pretty fitting title for an album by essentially a new band in an ever changing Metal scene that has more genre labels than you can shake a stick at. As Classen says “This is Holy Moses mark 2014, and Redefined Mayhem defines a new chapter of our band history,”


What we get is a real gem of an album that combines enough real Thrash to keep the faithful happy and yet also continue to explore Death and Black Metal elements in their sound.


The band themselves see this as an opportunity to step back to where the classic 1989 release  ‘The New Machine Of Lichtenstein’ left off and develop the sound from there. And songs like ‘Undead Dogs’, ‘Hellhound’ and ‘Delusion’ certainly reflect that diversity while adding contemporary melodic structure to advance that pure Thrash template.


Elsewhere some songs just connect whatever your take on Metal or the band’s past with ‘Triggered’ upping the ante early on to with its power and speed. There are plenty of surprises too with the off-kilter ‘Process of Projection’ seeing some Progressive/Jazzy harmonies invade the sound.


One thing is for sure though – that this sees a band reinvigorated and very much alive: no more so than on closing track ‘This Dirt’ that grabs you by the collar and tells you in no uncertain terms that Holy Moses is really back and really means business.


Classen still has that amazing voice and so if Thrash is your genre of choice but you are prepared to accept something that pushes those boundaries then this is for you.    



by Leslii Phillips