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MARCH 31 2014



I own a copy of Hellion’s original vinyl EP on the Music For Nations label from 1983, I can even remember buying it, but I must admit I hadn’t heard it for some time and so when ‘Backstabber’ blasted out of the stereo on this two disc collection of the band’s back catalogue it was like an old friend had returned.


This two-disc Anthology collects fan-favourites, hard-to-find recordings, and previously unreleased tracks and among the collection are also two songs that were produced by Ronnie James Dio at the legendary Sound City recording studio back in the day.


Interestingly for me the first disc leads with five of the six tracks from that eponymous EP, but omits the Side B classic ‘Looking For a Good Time’ and mixes up the order. Every one of those songs is a classic and it’s hard to believe how heavy Hellion were seen back in the day, especially for a female-fronted band  when to these ears in 2014 it just sounds like great, well written Hard Rock.


For new fans and old this is a great addition to your collection. If you don’t have that original EP most is collected here and as we said the quality of the songs still shines through 30 years later! For completists the Dio Demos ‘Run For Your Life’ and ‘Get Ready’ are a great inclusion and the 1985 Demo ‘Witching Hour’ (maybe the one recorded by Dana Strum?) heralds the sound for ‘Screams in the Night’ the band’s first long-player. Sadly one of my favourites from that album (mainly for the over the top guitar) ‘Children of the Night’ doesn’t make the cut, which just goes to show what an abundance of great material Hellion has at their disposal.


Disc two collects songs from EP’s ‘Postcards from the Asylum’, long-players ‘The Black Book’; whivh is probably my favourite Hellion music – check out ‘Breakdown’, ‘Stormrider’ the title track and ‘Living in Hell’ and tell me it’s not some of the best Metal you’ve heard!; and ‘Will not go Quietly’ the rather great 2003 comeback album.  We also get to close with ‘Hell Hath No Fury’ from the forthcoming ‘Karma’s a Bitch’ album.


If you are looking for some great Metal from a memorable band with great guitars and a killer voice Hellion is a real undiscovered gem. In fact I’d go as far as to say probably one of the greatest bands ever to suffer so badly from a lack of exposure from their labels and line-up changes. If you are looking for the complete story, sadly there are omissions , but that will only make your serach for them all the sweeter.


A real must for fans of Priest and Dio-era Black Sabbath.      


1. Backstabber
2. Driving Hard
3. Don’t Take No For An Answer
4. Break The Spell
5. Up From The Depths
6. Run For Your Life
7. Get Ready
8. Witching Hour
9. Screams In The Night
10. Upside Down Guitar Solo/
11. The Hand
12. Bad Attitude
13. Tower Of Air


1. Nevermore
2. Exciter
3. The Evil One
4. Breakdown
5. The Black Book
6. Living In Hell
7. Stormrider
8. Demon Attack
9. Resurrection/Will Not Go Quietly
10. Shit (Is Gonna Hit The Fan)
11. Dead and Gone
12. Dream Deceiver
13. Hell Has No Fury




by Mark Diggins