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APRIL 14 2014



There are of course plenty of albums each year that you anticipate eagerly from bands at the very top of their game. You hope against hope that they can replicate past glories and maybe add to the legacy, often they sadly fall short or merely re-tread old ground. It’s rare indeed that you find a band that simply blows you away and sets a new high watermark. H.E.A.T. is one such band, and ‘Tear Down the Walls’ is an album you know you will be listening to well after the year is through.


From top to bottom ‘Tear Down the Walls’ is stunning. If you know of H.E.A.T. and have heard their previous releases, trust me this is the release that takes it to the next level.


When an album starts as strongly as this one does with the roaring ‘Point of No Return’ the pessimist in you tells you that there is no way a band can sustain that initial impact, but in this case you’d be wrong as throughout the 12 tracks here H.E.A. T. manages to not only sustain that momentum but surpass it. Tracks like that opener and ‘A Shot at Redemption’ (the lead track from the previously released EP – which added a further three tracks not on the album) show a band in the form of their lives and at the height of their creative powers.


In the past H.E.A.T. has impressed thoroughly with a blend of Melodic Rock with a healthy dose of Classic Rock reverence thrown into the mix. It’s a sound they have honed over the last 3 full-length releases. Where ‘Tear…’ differs is that it takes that sound and builds on it. This is an album that retains those H.E.A.T. trademarks and turns up the volume, kicks out the jams and lets fly with a more intense sound!


‘Inferno’ is a song that has all those hallmarks we love, adds a driving bass line and an impassioned vocal to deliver a sweet chorus, huge hook and instant gratification. Title track ‘Tearing Down the Walls’ takes things back a notch with a mid-tempo building number that again has a magical chorus that will have you singing along. It’s ‘Mannequin Show’ though that mixes things up with a slightly eerie keyboard sound that simply rises up on the back of a great vocal, it’s subtle but adds great texture at just the right time.


 If you thought the race was run, if anything the second half of the album is even more impressive with ‘We Will Never Die’ leading the way with some uplifting guitar and a great groove.  ‘Emergency’ keeps that groove going and builds upon it, while ‘All the Nights’ is the ballad you’ve been waiting for: fragile, heartfelt and huge, with little more than piano and vocal to carry it to conclusion. ‘Eye For An Eye’ takes us back to searing Melodic Rock territory, and the roaring ‘Enemy In Me’ sets up a great closing track in ‘Laughing At Tomorrow’  which has a huge gang vocal refrain set against  mid tempo verses that will have everyone singing along.  


After seeing these guys live last year at the Hi-Rock Festival in Germany I can confirm that they deliver the goods live too. H.E.A.T. is an important band that seemingly has the world at their feet. You need to see them live and you MUST hear this album.



by Mark Diggins