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MAY 26 2014



Released last year in Denmark to great acclaim, it’s now time for the rest of us to hear ‘Electric Guitars’. Confusingly there’s an initial summery pop feel to opening track ‘Four Leaf Clover’ and precious little guitar; to be perfectly honest that left us wondering about the name and left us equally nonplussed.


‘Break It Up’ that follows is both funkier and bluesier and far better, though again it lacks the sort of guitar showmanship a band which such a name might be expected to deliver. In truth that is the story of the album. ‘So Far Away’ is kind of laid back and a little funky like a lifeless Electric Boys outtake. So far so little fire, I’m afraid, I mean it’s nice but it’s very safe, very mainstream.


The album though starts to get far more interesting by the time ‘East Way Out’ kicks in, it’s a Cheap Trick sheen over a decent riff and far more interesting, if just as light. Similarly there’s a pop sheen to ‘Spotlight’ a slight sixties leaning, but it’s just a better more insistent melody than the opener for example.

Things up another notch with ‘You’re on Fire’ which finally brings the guitar the album seems to have promised by virtue of its very name. It’s a great light rocker with a bluesy base and a fine song. After an odd meander through light Blues on ‘Ronnie’ comes another highlight in ‘Elevator Blues’ which has some wonderful guitar as you might have hoped.

The album closes with ‘Hero of Mine’ which sees the men behind ‘Electric Guitars’ -  Soren Andersen (a White Lion and Glenn Hughes band veteran) and Mika Vandborg gather ten of Denmark’s greatest guitarists to create something rather special – in fact it’s probably the best track here for its sheer scope, piled high with great guitar and a haunting repeated refrain between solos.


I’m still not sure what to make of an album that at times had me cold and at others delivered on the promise of some great guitar. This one might take a few more listens for me, but if you’re someone who is looking for a dose of lighter blues with some great melodies it may well be worth a listen.



by Leslii Phillips