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MARCH 14 2014




By the title of Donnie Vie’s latest live acoustic release you get the feeling that he is leaving behind the band we know and love and starting to concentrate on his solo career. With a new solo album slated for release later this year it’s a great and fitting epitaph for the band that now continues to tour with Johnny Monaco as vocalist.


So if this is the end of an era then this live album couldn’t be better. Donnie Vie has always been to me one of the greatest song-writers of his generation and here, stripped back his songs couldn’t sound better. The lack of augmentation seems to add another dimension and old favourites like ‘For Now’ which opens from Enuff Z’Nuff’s debut. Songs from the masterwork ‘Strength’ represented by both ‘Hollywood Ya’; ‘Goodbye’ and ‘Time to Let You Go’ are simply beautiful. The rest is also pretty much sublime. 


Even songs like ‘You Got a Hold on Me’ from the largely unheralded release like ‘1985’ have an added weight treated acoustically  as does ‘Rainy day’ from the similarly underexposed ‘Peace Fuzz’. If you are an Enuff Z’Nuff aficionado you of course always knew the value of such songs. If you are new to the band or simply know the milestones, then you will be delighted by the inclusion of such songs.


Compiling a track list must have been hardest of all for Donnie but as a representation of a career this is pure gold all the way through. ‘The Beast’ from ‘10’ starts with that unforgettable opening riff and with the power of the original stripped away the lyrics shine – and Vie was always the master lyricist. ‘There Goes My Heart’ from the same album is simply wonderful – a classic Beatles-esque pop song that should have seen this band huge on the world stage.


One of our favourites is ‘You and I’ from ‘Seven’ but the bluesy ‘If I Can’t Have You’ from ‘Tweaked’ is a rare arrangement in that it belies the blues-based origins of the music, replete with cool scream. With every song you get raw emotion and quality song-writing that underlines Vie’s sheer artistry. ‘Someday’ from one of my favourite albums ‘Paraphernalia’ will make you cry and closer ‘Goodbye’ from ‘Strength’ with wonderful piano accompaniment is breathtaking. This is music the World should hear.


If you haven’t already been introduced to the music of Donnie Vie and Enuff Z’Nuff you will be blown away by the sheer quality of the songs here. If you know and love the band this is simply unmissable.





by Mark Diggins