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MAY 23 2014



Diesel plays straight melodic Classic Rock and they play it well. Formed by Robert Hart (solo/Bad Company/Manfred Mann’s Earth Band) and Jim Kirkpatrick (FM), there is probably no surprise either to the quality of Diesel’s debut ‘Into the Fire’ or the musical path it takes, coming across as a very much post-Rodgers Bad Co, with great hooks and some wonderful musicianship. If you are a fan of the particularly soulful Rock of FM too you are in for a treat.  


Both opening tracks “Love Under Cover” and “Into the Fire” lay down a laid-back melodic rock template, that pretty much charts what is in store on an album that is  a great listen from end to end.


The band also knows how to take it down a notch and there are some wonderful lower key moments, such as on “Starting Over” where there is even a considered and very sure-footed Foreigner vibe. It’s a ballad that they used to make, wonderful melodies, a great searching vocal and some great lead work.


The album also brings with it a fair dose of blues which infuses tracks like the Bad Co flavoured “So What Is Love”, “What You See Ain’t What You Get” or “Fortune Favors the Brave”.


Elsewhere the faster-paced “Let’s Take the Long Way Home” will have you quickly singing along, while “Skin and Bone” seems to be the only song that really does have a distinct nostalgic flavour with a real later Rainbow feel to it.  Closing with a ballad “Coming Home” works too and really leaves the listener wanting more.


Diesel’s ‘Into the Fire’ is a great album and one that somehow manages to sound fresh and full of ideas when so many other offerings are starting to sound derivative. It’s a fine album for anyone who craves that perfect fix of soulful Melodic Hard Rock.


Track List:
1. Love Under Cover
2. Into The Fire
3. Starting Over
4. Fortune Favors The Brave
5. Brand New Day
6. Bitter & Twisted
7. So What Is Love
8. Lets Take The Long Way Home
9. Told You So
10. What You See Ain’t What You Get
11. Skin & Bone
12. Coming Home



by Mark Diggins