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MARCH 16 2014



It seems like only yesterday that we were down at the House of Blues in LA hanging with our mates from Rocksugar and enjoying a great evening when these guys hit the stage as support and we were quite frankly blown away by their energy and songs. Grabbing a copy of that first EP four tracks never seemed enough and it’s great to see that four years later the band is still together and still intact and has a new release - a sort of mini-album/EP containing six new tracks entitled ‘Golden’.

The most obvious questions of course after four years between drinks are: can they still deliver the goods and have they changed at all stylistically?

‘Crazy Little Game’ that kicks off proceedings has a huge groove that answers both questions within seconds, it’s a slow heavy groove with some nice changes and a great breakdown, all dripping eighties rock and a blues via Aerosmith vibe. ‘Chew Me Up’ as a contrast is a feel-good bluesy stomp that looks even further back, but has the vigour of early Van Halen and an energy few bands can harness.

‘Problems at Home’ keeps the bluesy feel but adds a funky edge that works particularly well, before the big chorus kicks in and seals the deal, and stacked up against retro-rocker ‘One Is Too Many’ the core of the album is solid as the rest. It’s ’10 Long Years’ though that might draw most attention – featuring as it does Guns ‘N’ Roses own (and recent Rockpit interviewee) Dizzy Reed. The song itself is a wistful country tinged ballad that shows that the band is equally capable of handling lighter material.

The album closes with the delta blues meets riff rock of ‘Golden Umbrella’ which is accomplished as anything they’ve done and again has that Aerosmith-like flavour that brings a huge smile to your face. Musically this is as good as anything I’ve heard this year and having seen these guys live show they are a ‘must see’ if you happen to be in LA when they play.

And like all the best albums, now that it’s over I just want more…



by Mark Rockpit