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MARCH 11 2014



If you like the wail of traditional Metal then ‘Dark Forest’  take a swirling almost folky take on the genre. Opening track and title track ‘The Awakening’ has an epic stately feel that owes as much to bands like Rush as it does traditional Metal. It’s a sound that feels like it’s cast in ancient iron and yet sounds refreshingly vital.


Born in the Black Country in the UK Dark Forest is the creation of guitarist Christian Horton. What surprised me most is that they have been doing this for ten years and only just got on our Rockpit radar. Still our loss is quickly being rectified here.


Utilising the mythical 444hz “Solfeggio frequencies”, which were apparently used in Ancient Gregorian Chants and were believed to impart “spiritual blessings when sung in harmony these settings were also believed to encourage “Transformation and Miracles” (or so the bio states!). Whateber the lineage and aural pyrotechnics involved this is certainly an album to take you by the throat and make you sit up and take notice.   


‘Sacred Signs’ is far more straightforward Metal, built around a big riff and driving vocals that aren’t a million miles from Maiden. ‘Penda’s Fen’ has an epic Metal feel built on solid guitar and a soaring vocal from Josh Winnard who excels here along with the rest of the band. It’s tracks like ‘Rise Like Lions’ and the marvellous ‘Sons of England’ though that turned most heads here: the former a melodic yet thrashier affair and the final track a real tour de force.


This is music to have you throwing your fists in the air and your cares aside. It’s a great album.


The promo ends – “ The awakening must be both spiritual and intellectual and through the rediscovery of our roots and a connection to nature, must lead all humanity to remember the truth - that we are infinite consciousness and we are one. This is the realisation that will defeat the global control system of the elite and set humanity free”. Now who would have reckoned that Metal could do all that!  Hell, It moved us!


LINE UP Josh Winnard - Vocals | Christian Horton - Guitar | Pat Jenkins - Guitar | Paul Thompson - Bass | Adam Sidaway - Drums


The Awakening Sacred Signs Penda’s Fen Turning of the Tides Rise Like Lions Immortal Remains secret Commonwealth The Last Season Sons of England



by Mark Diggins