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FEBRUARY 13 2014



Danko Jones 13th album! Where did the time go! For those who know the band 2015 sees us in safe hands and for the uninitiated there are just so many reasons to listen…

If you have to start anywhere then ‘Wild Woman’ really encapsulates it all in 3 minutes and 7 seconds of sheer adrenaline and power – drums, crashing chords and a great hook – it’s modern rock with more than enough substance to please us older rockers out there… it’s basically rocks hard and that’s after all what it is all about.

And it gets even better from the Toronto-based guitarist with ‘The Twisting Knife’ full of fire and brimstone and the punk-edged aggression, and metallic sing-along that makes this release a keeper. And keeping that punkier vibe going ‘Gonna Be a Fight Tonight’ sounds like it will fire up any live audience, and is immensely catchy to boot.

After that initial full-force attack you can feel the sweat on the brow and but it’s ‘Body Bags’ that offers no respite and actually ups the ante! It’s a track that works better than any energy drink… So far so damned good!

‘Live Forever’ finally offers some respite from the escalating war of sheer rock attrition. It’s a more measured song that shows the other face of Danko Jones – a less intense song with a bigger groove and great chorus kick that ends up being more fun, less intense but no less essential. ‘Do You Wanna Rock’ as you might imagine is a kick-ass song but with a far deeper groove, funkier guitar and plaintive refrain that makes you shout at your stereo ‘Yes I do wanna Rock!’.

Over half way in I’d be surprise if you weren’t already hooked, but just to make sure we play out with just as fine a group of songs, if not a little more experimental – like the mighty fine ‘Getting into Drugs’ which rides a fat riff, even if the line ‘I smoked a joint for the very first time last night’ doesn’t exactly ring true after 18 years of making music!   

After the groovier mid-section of course comes more fire courtesy of ‘Watch You Slide’ which takes it all back to basics and lays on the AC/DC meets Motorhead on steroids groove in spades…

‘I Will Break your Heart’ is where the real deep bluesy groove kicks in – and the sweetness pours in with an incredible almost crooned chorus to offset the fiery guitar, it may be an anomaly here but it shrieks depth and will sway you completely.

To close ‘Piranha’ takes up the pace again on a headless rocker that is just pure adrenalized fun and bluster; while final track ‘She Ain’t Coming Home’ has an almost folk-like construction before bursting into flame. This is an album that shows exactly what anyone who hasn’t heard this band for a while is missing – one of their very best.

A strong contender already for 2015 Best Album lists…



by Mark Rockpit