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CROBOT Something Supernatural Review 2014


CROBOT - Something Supernatural


OCTOBER 24 2014




Crobot is one of the most important bands of the year. There are hundreds of bands out there at the moment trying to capture that ‘Retro Rock’ sound whether it be The Temperance Union, Kadaver, Blues Pills, or Rival Sons – all have their own take on reviving the vibe of decades past.  


Crobot nails it perhaps even more so than those mentioned mainly because there’s something about Crobot that is timeless. Coming across with touches of Reef meets QOTSA and Audioslave meets Wolfmother there’s something huge about the sound here, and the songs are so well-written the album has a relentlessness that never lets you have a moment’s peace. Quite simply it is one of the best albums you will hear all year.


Kicking off with the Hawkwind meets Sabbath thrust of ‘Legend of the Spaceborne Killer’ we slide off into funkier almost Black Crowes-like territory for ‘Nowhere to Hide’ before the driving Wolfmother-like bluster of ‘The Necromancer’. As openings to albums go it’s as good as we’ve heard all year.


Crobot essentially is built on what we all love – a huge blistering riff and when you add to that bone-crunching drum and bass and a set of pipes that recall Chris Cornell there’s no excuse for not delivering the goods.


One of our favourites here is the slower Blues-spliced ‘La Mano de Lucifer’ which bursts into life after a subdued opening: it’s the song that beautifully highlights both Brandon Yeagley’s vocals and the guitars of Chris Bishop. Elsewhere it’s all about the groove and power like the driving ‘Skull of Geronimo’ or the sonic turmoil of ‘Cloud Spiller’.


Best of all though are saved till last with the amazing ‘Night of the Sacrifice’ the funkiest number here and certainly the best in our eyes, but it’s a close call with both ‘Wizards’ funk and metal mash; and ‘Queen of the Light’s more classic Rock sticking in your mind for days.


Somehow Crobot manage to take that well-known oft-blended mix of funk, blues, metal and good old-fashioned rock and roll and make it sound essential and exciting again… One of the very best of the year.



by Mark Roockpit


CROBOT Something Supernatural - HARD ROCK ALBUM REVIEW 2014