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Release date:
EU: November 7th
NA: November 10th


Tracklisting: Hell Raising Women; Sound Of The Loud Minority; Outlaw; Girls Of The 80’s; I Missed The Mark; All Looks, No Hooks; Ain’t No Rest In Rock N’ Roll; Call To Action; Heroes Are Forever; Psycho City; Wrecking Ball Crew.


Some bands have bad luck with line-ups and some like Crazy Lixx have had so much bad luck they have a revolving door installed to cope with all the comings and goings. To make it look even worse one of their guitarists has even changed his surname! The most amazing thing about the band therefore is that when it comes time to put out a new album they always come up with the goods. This is a damn fine album…


Four albums in Crazy Lixx sounds in confident mood on this eponymously titled return. Things may have changed as far as the line-up is concerned but the sound still has all the elements that made these guys such an essential part of the new guard…


What ‘Crazy Lixx’ gives you here is 11 anthems that any melodic hard rock band would be proud of. Ten are new and one ‘Heroes are Forever’ is a reworking of one of the best tracks on the first album. It fits seamlessly here. The album itself is for my money as good as anything the band has produced, and the sound is spot on, more in keeping with the earlier albums especially their first ‘Loud Minority’. As if to underline the point ‘Sound of the Loud Minority’ comes storming in after rocking opener ‘Hell Raising Women’.  


Check out tracks like ‘Outlaw’ which slows it down, riding on a stunning refrain it simply soars; or ‘Girl of the 80’s’ where the twin guitar attack comes to the fore underscoring an infectious chorus, simmering with sweet backing vocals.


Everywhere you turn you are reminded of how good solid hard melodic rock can be. Crazy Lixx manage to deliver without overcooking it, at times mellowing out to sound more like ‘Reckless Love’ – like on ‘I Missed the Mark’. The difference is that they do it far better and without the Euro-pop or unnecessary cheese.      


The second half of the album plays out equally as well as the first. ‘All Looks No Hooks’ leads the way with a harder-edged delivery that fits like a glove. ‘Ain’t No Rest in Rock and Roll’ takes it even further – a huge anthem with a dab of AC/DC and a huge melody.  Two of our favourites follow – the insistent ‘Call to Action’ that has a touch of vintage Skid Row about it and the classic masterwork from the debut album ‘Heroes Are Forever’ which fans should be familiar with. It’s a song I never get tired of hearing.


The album closes strongly too with the stomp and incendiary solo of ‘Psycho City’ and the unrelenting attack of ‘Wrecking Ball Crew’ making just as big a mark as the rest of what is a fine return. This has to be a contender for many ‘Best of’ lists for 2014.



by Mark Rockpit