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Have you ever listened to an album and thought ‘There is no way this band could ever do another album that could beat this one?’ well I have been proved wrong!…Yes, the hard rocking, solid sounding, Swedish
quintet band ‘Crazy Lixx,’ are BACK, better than ever!

In my opinion, Crazy Lixx have provided three of the best and most promising albums over the last seven years, with ‘New Religion’ being one of my favourites. It has now been a couple of years down the track
since their last album ’Riot Avenue,’ but in September 2014, Crazy Lixx announced their fourth studio album and will be released in Europe on November 7th and in the United States on November 11th on Frontiers
Records. The self-titled album shows the band are still tight and hungry and their biggest achievement of all is the song writing, it’s sharp, cool and with awesome lyrics will have you begging for more.

This eleven tracked album is all killer and no filler and no doubt will possibly slip through the cracks, but deserves to be at the top which, nowadays, not many bands can match. With a variation of kick ass tracks
ranging from melodic to hard pumping rock, raw and punchy, it shows a bunch of guys bursting with enthusiasm, energy and determined to be heard yet again!

The guys have formed their own distinctive sound over the years and with heavy influences ranging from Guns and Roses, Aerosmith, Kiss, Whitesnake, Alice Cooper, Def Leppard and Motley Crue, they created
their first album in 2007. Now the guys have had chance to improve a little and grow musically, therefore, the new ‘Crazy Lixx’ album is the result of yet another awesome album, this is because the guys have
obviously developed into their own sound and style to the point where now the influences play the back seat role.

The opening track ‘Hell Raising Women’ is a perfect song to open this album, it remains tough and heavy, but still features those unmistakeable backing vocals, a great stomping fast chorus and certainly a catchy feel good song. The official new music video to this is amazing!

The tempo is slightly reduced on the next couple of tracks ‘Sound Of The Loud Minority’ and ’Outlaw.’ Danny shows his strong vocals in these songs and they express a good thumping rhythm with the guitars
emphasizing the catchy chorus’s. ‘Girls of the 80’s’ and ‘I Missed The Mark’ have some great lyrics in these songs and harmonies which invite you to sing along to, again, two catchy tunes that will stay in your head
forever. ‘All Hooks, No Hooks’ is another fast charging song that implants in your head, a sleazy beat that will no doubt be popular with the crowds.

The following track ‘Ain’t No Rest In Rock N’ Roll’ has got to be my favourite off the album! I just love the fast paced, stomping, ‘horns in the air’ sound. Andy, Ed and Jens certainly show their true colours with their
screaming guitars and Joel’s thumping drum sound adds to the perfect back beat. You can hear the influences of Motley Crue and perhaps a hint of a more faster paced Led Zeppelin song, there is no doubt this would certainly be a hit if released as a single in the future.

The power of the album continues as it bellows out inventive guitar riffs, thundering drums and bass, screaming vocals ranging from heavy to dark thumping sounds in ‘Call To Action.’

‘Heroes Are Forever’ is another classic, re-recorded from their first album ‘Loud Minority’ this song still sounds as fresh, crisp and energetic as it did the first time round! ‘Psycho City’ and ‘Wrecking Ball Crew’ are
two of the well chosen songs to end this awesome album! Danny’s raspy vocals really shine in these songs and the guitar solo’s return and really add to the fast pace stomping hard edged tracks.

Overall, I am very impressed with this album, and I think you will be too! This album is not too heavy and has a mixture of sleazy, catchy, tunes that will bring joy to anyone. Crazy Lixx is worth keeping an eye on and if they continue to tour and be exposed to the right market, they will eventually adapt and build more of a solid following which will enable them to go further in the future! There is no doubt that this album is
already in my top 5 for 2014. Well done guys!!

by Tanya Hadlington