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OCTOBER 31 2014



Cavalera Conspiracy, the creation of ex-Sepultura and current Soulfly frontman Max Cavalera and his brother Igor Cavalera also ex-member of Sepultura, is back with their 3rd album "Pandemonium". Unlike the first 2 albums however, this one is slightly different, a more frenetic, faster paced thrasher with elements of heavier, darker stuff in the realm of death and grindcore.


The album starts out with short and quick opener "Babylonian Pandemonium" that has 2 noteworthy details - the ultra catchy chorus that is reminiscent of the soldier march from "Wizard Of Oz" (but not quite) and the vocals from Max which is deeper than the usual throaty stuff we usually hear him scream, something which you will notice in other tracks. Already we are off into a whole different ballgame here from previous efforts. "Bonzai Kamikaze" continues the onslaught with a steady speed kept in check by Igor, never backing off until the end when the tempo slighty changes brought in by the sirens. "Scum" is a more gritty song, grungey and grimey but again speeding through like a rocket, the riffage as catchy as any Cavalera riff you will hear. "I, Barbarian" grabs you in with his breakdown midway, ""Cramunhao" is more fast paced stuff but with some very catchy parts that are not necessarily riff driven which is again something new in the Cavalera band's repetoire. A highlight on the album is "Apex Predator", Igor shining bright with some sick speed drumming mixed with some slower tempo grooves which is followed by another highlight "Insurrection" which slams in right away with some wicked solos by Marc Rizzo who always delivers the guitar goods. This song is his song on the album easily.


"Not Losing The Edge" slows things down a bit with some groovier stuff that's not too alien if found on a Soulfly album to be honest. But that dosn't last too long as "Father Of Hate" follows as one of the faster tracks on the album yet. "The Crucible" ends the mania that is "Pandemonium" with some fuzzy bass stuff from newcomer Nate Newton who also adds some vocals to boot and more of the deeper vocals from Max which by this point has become the norm almost. Could this be the start of a new voice for the legendary Brazilian singer? Whatever happens, this is a killer album that is probably the best of the 3 Cavalera Conspiracy albums. It's a much more faster paced album that is pretty relentless from start to finish. If you like the first 2 albums, you won't go wrong with this one.



by aAndrew Schizodeluxe