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AUGUST 18 2014



‘Fuck’ the word and the attitude has served Buckcherry very well over the years so why on earth not take it to the logical conclusion and name your EP ‘Fuck’, sprinkle each title with a ‘Fuck’ and lace the lyrics with a liberal dose of the ‘F’ word too!  It’s anti-marketing genius, a post-sleaze kick in the ass and just a massive bit cool…


Looking deeper at the tracklist it’s also good to see the well-documented versatility of the word: be it noun (‘Motherfucker’), verb (‘Somebody Fucked With Me’; ‘Say Fuck It’), adverb (‘Fist Fuck’?} or adjective (‘It’s a Fucking Disaster’; ‘I Don’t Give a Fuck’). It brings a tear to the eye to see the lessons we continue to learn from Rock Music!


Kicking off with ‘Somebody Fucked With Me’ you are immediately get the best side of Buckcherry – the dirtier Sleazier side that of course plays in conjunction with the ‘radio friendly ballad’ side of the band. The song itself is a great big Sleazy Fu(n)ked Rock anthem that sets up a great EP beautifully with a punky anti-authoritarian bite before first single ‘Say Fuck It’ (that the band played live down under earlier this year) takes the Icona Pop classic ‘I Love It’ and um, well, fucks with it. It’s an oozing dance anthem to move the masses in the vein of BC classics like ‘Crazy Bitch’.


Now of course we’d hesitate to say that use of the F-word is big and clever but Buckcherry has enough history and clear love of the word to allow them a fair amount of rope and they manage to muster enough swagger here to get away with it!


‘Motherfucker’ is the sort of song that Buckcherry used to make and really reminds me of the driving power of those first two albums, nice and sleazy, just a touch bluesy and all resting on a mad chorus with wonderful use of the ‘Mother Fucker’ phrase. It’s also sheer class.


‘I Don’t Give a Fuck’ is rather low key and again hints at early albums riding a funky groove to create a slow-burning gem. While, slowing the pace further ‘It’s a Fucking Disaster’ starts out like a trademark BC ballad before combusting on the back of some incendiary guitar, into a fiery punky glory. This is a helluva EP!


Final word goes to the furious ‘Fist Fuck’ which just blasts out of the speakers like the ghost of The Ramones, with punk-fuelled backing vocals and Todd’s screams. It’s a rollercoaster ride through territory that sadly all too many Rock bands these days see as too edgy. We love it.


This is Buckcherry at their most Primal and essential and a real must for those that especially enjoyed the likes of that first LP and Time Bomb… Here’s a consistently great band that has just upped the ante again. EP of the year not a doubt in the world!



by Mark Rockpit