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MAY 2 2014



I really thought we’d lost this great band. After releasing two great albums, almost six years ago (after the wonderful second instalment ‘Heart Full of Fire’), they disappeared. Of course guitarist and founder Erno ‘Emppu’ Vuorinen had been kind of busy with his other band – Nightwish. Brother Firetribe though is a very different kettle of fish – taking the excess of high intensity of Melodic Rock to levels that back in the seventies we used to refer to as ‘Pomp Rock’ and if there is a modern day equivalent to that particular form of the dark arts then I guess Brother Firetribe is it!


Indeed ‘Diamond in the Firepit’ did actually take all of that time to complete and release, and even though that may see like the band has moved to ‘Def Leppard time’ all I can say if this is the result – then boy is it worth it.


Opening track ‘Love’s Not Enough’ has all the power and majesty this kind of music should have but far too often does. It’s a song that brings the perfect storm of keys, guitar and great vocal harmonies together and then tops it with a chorus that just envelops you.  


While ‘Far Away From Love’ takes the keys as the lead to produce a rousing showcase, it’s the first single ‘For Better Or For Worse’ that runs with the guitar and adds another huge peak of a chorus. ‘Desperately’ takes the edge off and leans back to an intro that almost makes you think of Tom Wait’s ‘Missing You’ it’s a great song and like similar slower numbers ‘Hanging By a Thread’ and ‘Close to the Bone’ are similarly enjoyable. It’s a lighter side to the band that they do so well.


‘Edge of Forever’ ups the ante again with a harder edged song that bursts into a lush chorus that has a more restrained feel to some of the more up-tempo moments like ‘Trail of Tears’ that follows – a powerful track with some great guitar.


The cover song this time round comes in the form of Sammy Hagar’s ‘Winner Takes it All’ and like the covers the band have turned their hand to previously it’s a great rendition, possibly even better than the original which was a helluva song in itself.


The album closes out on a high, with keyboard heavy rockers ‘Tired of Dreaming’ and ‘Reality Bites’ getting a huge tick: before the lighter ‘Close to the Bone’ closes proceedings.

Like their previous two albums Brother Firetribe serves up another classic.


Band: Vocals – Pekka Ansio Heino | Guitars – Emppu Vuorinen | Keyboards – Tomi Nikulainen | Bass/Backing vocals – Jason Flinck | Drums – Kalle Torniainen


Track List:
01. Intro
02. Love’s Not Enough
03. Far Away From Love
04. For Better Or For Worse
05. Desperately
06. Edge Of Forever
07. Hanging By A Thread
08. Trail Of Tears
09. Winner Takes It All
10. Tired Of Dreaming
11. Reality Bites
12. Close To The Bone



by Mark Diggins