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5 albums in Swedish Hard Rockers Bonafide expand on what you might expect of their well-established trademark sound. Opening with the proto-rock ‘Round and Round’ we strip it all back to the basics of a good groove and rock guitar before the familiarity of the single ‘Hold the Fort’ strikes that familiar and pleasing AC/DC pose. There’s much more though this time round.

‘Killer’ adds more fuel to the Blues-based Hard Rock fire before ‘Get a Grip’ lays the groove on thick, venturing into lighter territory with a killer, if underplayed riff and a bluesier vocal.  It’s a gentler take on the Bonafide template that suits them well even if it may surprise some. And really that’s the story here Bonafide really sound like they have given themselves more room to move here and spread out musically and boy it works so well.

‘5050’ goes for broke, and ‘Good Stuff’ has an infectious good-time swagger that hits the nail on the head before’ Rock N’ Roll Lifestyle’ and ‘One Kiss’ up the ante with some great melodies and killer choruses. At times you wonder where Bonafide will flounder or go through the motions, but they never go there, they don’t even pass by.

What ‘Denim Devils’ does so well is make you want to see these guys play live, there’s so much vibrancy here and you know full well that ‘live’ this material will be propelled to another level entirely. If you love this unadorned good time Rock and Roll then it’s a wonder that it comes from an act of this vintage – the music is so steeped in the basic elements of seventies and early eighties rock you would swear it was an overlooked classic of that era.

‘Who am I to Judge’ has a distinctly sweet Southern groove, that bands like Cry of Love channelled back in the eighties and early nineties, while ‘Missing You’ takes on the mantle of the unnecessary yet welcome power ballad that makes you feel all ‘Late Eighties’ but with decidedly more soul and less tendency towards the anachronisms of the day. We love it, and it’s one of the best vocal performances here, allowing Pontus Snibb’s vocals to not only shine, but combust.

Closing out the album ‘The Game’ gets back to what Bonafide do best – hook-laden blues-infused good-time Rock and Roll the way bands like Little Caesar managed to capture so well in the eighties. Closer ‘This One’s For You’ sums it all up really – this is a damn good album and a great leap forwards.

This is great, and in a year where we have already seen a number of great releases it is a real contender. Bonafide’s best yet. Catch them live and buy this now!



by Mark Rockpit