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APRIL 1 2014



It’s hard to adequately describe Bigelf. The music is definitely progressive but rather than making it easy for the label hungry there’s  nit of everything in here from traces of Sabbath, ELO, The Beatles and even a touch of fairground music. What sets Bigelf aside from many of their Prog contemporaries is that it seems to be all more about being ‘fun’ than it is about being ‘clever’. Sure we get weird time-signatures, moments of craziness and unexpected interludes but Bigelf seems to be able to cast the net wider than most Progressive bands and draw in a traditional non-Prog audience.


‘Incredible Time Machine’ that opens channels a ‘Beatles plays Sabbath’ vibe, while ‘Hypersleep’ has more Hawkwind in the mix, before that Beatles vibe shines back through on ‘Already Gone’ a psychedelic laid-back rocker that reeks of early Floyd. It’s a storming start to an album.


With the first nine songs mixed by Alain Johannes (Queens of the Stone Age, Chris Cornell, Them Crooked Vultures) and the last three songs by Danny Saber (Rolling Stones, U2, Black Sabbath) there’s a huge retro sound going on that has an intense clarity. You get the feeling that if this album gets the right publicity then Bigelf could well become one of the giants of the genre.


‘Alien Frequency’ one of our favourite tracks here has all the hallmarks of later era Floyd but with a wonderful immediacy and traces of Sabbath. It’s the sort of sound that many strive for, but few do as well as this.  ‘The Professor and the Madman’ takes a definite psychedelic turn wile ‘Mr Harry McQuhae’ is a rolling Prog masterpiece, completely engaging and full of light and shade, deftness and power. Elsewhere on the album the freaky and quirky (‘Vertigod’) rubs shoulders with the bombastic (‘Control Freak’) and the trippy (‘High’).


The album ends with some of the best tracks – ‘Edge of Oblivion’ positively sizzles as it takes you on a crazy ride through the stars to the edge of space and ‘Theater of Dreams’ drags you through Strawberry fields brimming with melody. It’s closer ‘ITM’ though that really opens up the potential for craziness with an eight minute odyssey of unhinged craziness.


Bigelf has their masterpiece it’s the world’s loss if we don’t discover it for ourselves.


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by Mark Diggins