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released 2012



Eddy Vega - vocals
Dave Saker - lead guitar and vocals
Eddie Nixon - guitar
Tim 'Tee' Sanders - bass
Larry Bernal - drums

Have you ever listened to a CD for the first time and it doesn’t quite grab you the way you think it should? This is the impression I first heard from this cd, but after spinning Bad Boy Eddy’s CD ‘Over The Top’ a fistful of times, it certainly proved me wrong and it undoubtedly didn’t take me long to warm to it. The album, released in 2012, is another one that seemed to have fell off The Rockpit’s grid, but now we have found this
little gem, we are not letting it pass through our fingers that easy!

Hailing from California, Bad Boy Eddy are a relatively new band with experienced musicians which have soared into the rock circuit and are continuing to climb higher. They are full of the attitude and determination needed to get out there and play great rock music that go back to the days when rock bands were hard rocking with no frills.

The quintet have caused a stir everywhere they have played and have an extremely accomplished sound for the short time they have been together. There is plenty variation throughout the CD, Dave Saker and Eddie Nixon’s powerful guitar riffs are plentiful along with Larry Bernal’s thundering drums and Tim ‘Tee’ Sander’s tight bass sounds. Eddy Vega appears to operate his voice to fit every track, from vintage style rasp, to deep husky gravel, all the elements for a good old rock tune. His unique high pitched, soaring vibrato screams gives out the impression of Judas Priest’s Metal God -Rob Halford.

There is no doubt about it there are some killer tracks on this album, One of ‘Over The Top’s impressive hot tunes is the opener ‘Fever’ it is full of heavy guitar riffs with raspy, sexy vocals that enhances a great catchy chorus that Skid Row would be proud of. ‘She Gives Me A Feeling’ is pretty much the same, whilst the heavy, powerful and more precise ‘I Don’t Want You’ has a screaming audience noise in the background to give the impression of a live recording, don’t get me wrong, I like the idea of it, but it’s obvious it’s not a live recording, however, I can’t knock
a great tune, but in my opinion it would sound more appealing without the background noise.

Bad Boy Eddy continue to belt out the thunderous drums and tight guitar riffs with the thumping energetic sound of ‘Supersonic Freak’ the video to this is amazing I must admit, this has got to be my favourite track on the album. It gives me the feel of a freaky Marylin Manson/Alice Cooper song in conjunction with the stage make up. ‘Living Lies’ true energy that hit and provide unbelievable power. You can feel that spirit of rock generated from the 80’s, just gotta love the catchy chorus.

‘Funky Monkey’ not a favourite of mine I have to be honest, it is different to all the other tracks, which is good in a way and the dirty lyrics are somewhat Steel Panther would produce, nonetheless, it’s a catchy tune with a great sense of humour.‘Rad Ruby’ has the perfect feel to bringing back the 80’s era, fast tempo with a catchy chorus that lives in your head for days, ‘Teenage Sacrifice’ opens with a slow start, which for only a moment, gives a false
impression of this epic track, it then suddenly belts out the powerful sounds of both vocals, guitars and drums to a higher level. The album breaks up the pace and only mellows out momentarily to the power Ballard ‘Fly Away’ it shows the bands softer side and fabulous vocals from Eddy Vega who emphasises he can sing at a different tempo and not his previous ‘screaming’ vocals, this song sounds very much like a Motley Crue ballard. The album closes with another epic track ‘Maker of Dreams’ and what a great track it is to end a fabulous album too!
Again this track gives the impression of a live track with the crowd noise in the background and Eddy screaming at the beginning of the song ‘San Francisco are you ready?’ this track still doesn’t fail to impress, even at the end of the album.

If you are looking for a more heavier, sleaze, old school, 80’s rock sound with influences of Skid Row, Y & T, Van Halen, and many more sleaze rock bands, this album is for you! ‘Over The Top’ is the perfect name for this album because it is exactly what Bad Boy Eddy deliver.

Check out Bad Boy Eddy on Twitter, Facebook, Reverbnation and Demon Doll Records Website


by Tanya Hadlington