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APRIL 25 2014



We met the guys from Anti-Mortem on the Metal stage at Rocklahoma a couple of years back and a great bunch of guys they were too, honoured to be playing their local festival on the same stage as bands like Trivium and The Darkness. They’ve come a long way since then and it’s great to finally get a hold of a copy of their debut album ‘New Southern’; and boy it starts out good!

Opening tracks ‘Words of Wisdom’ and ‘New Southern’ really make you feel you’ve stumbled upon something special: this is Southern Metal of quality, with power, aggression and drive. The real question is can they maintain it, and sadly the answer is only in part.

Where ‘New Southern’ slips away from being a classic is in trying to cover all the bases. With such a wonderful opening pairing, the album, at times sounds like it’s being directed by a radio-programmer and at others even slips into sounding like or all bands – Nickelback! (No really – listen to the power of ‘Words of Wisdom’ and tell me that the same band is capable of the thoroughly unoriginal ‘Black Heartbeat’).

For such a young and promising band you can really sense the power and art of these guys at times, but at others you sense they are being pushed into decisions that are designed simply (and probably with the best of intentions) to get them on the radio.

When it works it’s as good as anything you’ll hear all year (check out ‘Hate Automatic’ one of the coolest track here) but when it tries to chase what’s popular with the kids (like ‘Path to Pain’) or tries pastiche (the ratter poor thrash by numbers of ‘100% Pure American Rage’) it starts to sound just like everyone else ploughing the bottomless Nu-Metal teenage angst furrow.

What these guys do next will either flick them into the sky, or see them slog it out with the also-rans. I’m really hoping for the former because one thing these guys do so well is kill it live! There’s enough real promise on here to make you think they can make it if they can only be themselves.



by Leslii Phillips