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There’s plenty of Prog Rock, a touch of  Folk and a smattering of subdued Alternative Metal sensibilities cursing through the veins of this platter and an off-kilter quirkiness that you will either find faintly intriguing like I do of vaguely annoying. Wherever you stand on that it’s not something you can really get away from on this ‘A Lonely Crowd’s’ second long player.


Melbourne’s’ female fronted, progressive rock four-piece A Lonely Crowd has been around in this form since 2010 and this is certainly a cohesive and ambitious project work. Indeed it’s heartening to hear music like this is home-grown.  Our only surprise is that they have only just come onto The Rockpit’s radar.


Opening up with ‘Godamnesia’ the band hits a nice groove immediately, before the astral vocals kick in to add an intriguing layer  to the sound that make you wonder which way the song will turn before the guitars crash in again to offset the sweet melodies. Tracks like ‘Blur’ (their debut film clip you may have seen on Rage) put the template under further pressure with a greater pop sensibility but no less style.


It’s on tracks like ‘Kamikaze Karma’ that the band further explore the delicacy of sound, taking a simple drum rhythm and layering some off-kilter vocals and laid back guitar to produce a soundscape that is closer to an urban Folk than anything else here. It’s intriguing and becomes quickly addictive. I love the sense of space too, something that many bands swimming in similar waters tend to under-appreciate.


First single ‘The Fall’ eases its way into your consciousness with a growing guitar swell before crashing through to a jazzy vocal that echoes a Cocteau Twins-like proposition of vocals as instrument. It’s a haunting track carried through by relentless drums and guitar to create an intense soundscape and compelling experience. It’s certainly one of our favourite moments.


There’s a lot to like here, for sure and digging further tracks like ‘Sound Tripper’ and ‘Telephiles’  cement the case for a band that echoes many others without falling into the trap of sacrificing individuality and passion for scoring cheap points. This is an album to let wash over you.

In the lead up to the release of this album the band has played extensively in their hometown and interstate; gaining a reputation for a ferocious live performance from spots at festivals such as Rock the Bay and Progfest. Look out for ‘A Lonely Crowd’ at a venue near you: the group will play a national tour in support of the album during 2014.

Open you mind, lay back and let it happen.


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by Mark Diggins