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Psycroptic & Goatwhore LIVE AT THE AMPLIFIER BAR MARCH 2015

Psycroptic & Goatwhore


MARCH 12 2015

Tasmanian metal legends Psycroptic kicked off their Australian tour in Perth on Thursday night on the back of their new self titled album which showcases some of the band's best material in their career. Along for the ride was New Orleans black/thrash band Goatwhore who return to the country on their latest album "Constricting Rage of the Merciless". LOcal extreme metallers The Furor opened the night with some heavy black metal-esque music and Earth Rot came out with their brutal brand of death metal.

By this time the next door area were cranking hip hop music much to the dismay of a lot of fans and even Goatwhore guitarist Sammy Duet had to mention their less than pleased opinion of what was going on. But the power of Goatwhore easily drowned out the noise and the band proceeded to give an old school blackened thrash show which the fairly packed crowd loved. Lead vocalist Louis Benjamin Falgoust II has a commanding voice and a solid stage presence as he riled the crowd into a frenzy of chaotic moshing, his tall demeanour towering above the diehards at the front. Highlight of the set was "An End To Nothing", a thrashy piece that even the most casual fan were headbanging to as the band sped through it whiplash style. There was no letting up from these guys as the band pounded every song in the set into the crowd and gave a blistering performance that really gave the headliners something to work at if they were to top it.

Give credit where credit is due, Psycroptic came on stage and ended any doubts as to whose show this belonged to. As usual, the band always give a stellar performance and the new material from their self titled album was also something of a highlight as the songs fitted perfectly nestled in amongst the older material. "The World Discarded" blends nice groove with technical wizardry and the fans lapped it up as if it were a classic while tracks like "Carriers of the Plague" off their previous effort remained as strong as ever. Singer Jason Peppiatt's interaction with the crowd was great to watch, embracing fans jumping on stage while getting down with it on the frontlines to the now sweaty and probably tired diehard headbangers who have put up with the heaviest of the heavy all night. Another great set by a now legendary band and the rest of the tour should be no different.


by Andrew Schizodeluxe | Photos by The Rockpit 2015



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