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I’m a big fan of Trivium and have been there from the start but for me despite the band never losing it as a live act who I’ve seen a dozen times now musically for me their high watermark has always been The Crusade, an album that at times they appeared to want to completely distance themselves from. Over the years their albums have always had their moments and ‘Shogun’ of course was right up there, but it’s ‘Vengeance Falls’ that again returns them to ‘essential’ territory. The melody is back, the growls are somewhat curtailed and the songs are exceptional.


This isn’t another ‘Shogun’ though and it certainly isn’t another ‘Crusade’ though it seems to borrow a little from both while at the same time pretty much expanding the sound of last release ‘In Waves’, so in short if you liked ‘In Waves’ there’s nothing to fear. Whether it’s better? In my opinion the songs are a lot stronger…


Produced by Disturbed mainman David Draiman it’s time again to have a shot at the crown that most thought Trivium would take up after ‘Ascendancy’ before mellowing out a little too much for the follow up. Who can blame them? It might work but at times his production does have Trivium sound rather a lot like his own band – check out "Villainy Thrives" and you’ll hear what I mean. To me though it’s the only downside and while ther are traces on songs like “To Believe” it’s not about to become a Disturbed tribute.


Overall lyrically choruses are stronger, melodically choruses are stronger, but musically it’s still the same Trivium we know and love. It’s chock full of riffs and from the intro to “Brave This Storm” it hits hard. Our favourites though have to be the irresistible “Strife” and the huge sound of “At the End of This War”; but just maybe both are shaded by closing track “Wake (The End Is Nigh)”


This is a band who seem happy with their sound, not short of confidence and riding a new wave… Some releases offer three bonus tracks so look before you buy.




Mark Diggins