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There is a school of thought that says that music should expand the mind, broaden the horizons, provoke thought and debate, maybe even comment on social issues. Another school of thought says that music should explore the human condition, expose angst and longing, strip back the layers of the Soul…


Yeah right…


There is another school of thought…


Taking the fight against Political Correctness to the streets and the red velvet boudoirs of rock and rollers everywhere Thunderfuck and the Deadly Romantics employ all the subtlety and finesse their name suggests in delivering their steaming Rock and Roll payload.  








It’s not big, it’s not clever and it ain’t pretty but that’s largely the point. What it is, is the kind of stripped back Rock and Roll that people like Zodiac Mindwarp started off doing well years ago (before they stopped doing it so well).  It’s fun, it’s dirtier than Steel Panther, gritter than a truck of grit and it has that pleasing uneasiness where you think “hey these guys are singing about f***ing my girlfriend but they’re joking right…”   It’s that possibility that these Deadly Romantics might on occasion take themselves a bit seriously that is slightly unnerving!


Starting off with a sweet ballad was never really rock and roll, so thankfully ‘Do You Wanna Rock And Roll’ isn’t. Thunderfuck doesn’t have the best voice in that way that Johnny Rotten didn’t have the best voice – it’s just the voice that you imagine when you hear the songs, quite frankly Dio wouldn’t cut it here or fronting the Pistols.


Sounding like a bastard child of The Ramones, The Almighty, Motorhead and Circus of Power with lashings of Love Reaction musically we’re dirty Rock and Roll with squealing guitars and several large portions of attitude.   


It’s not subtle as we said, not even remotely original but it offers its own guilty pleasure. Lyrically it’s pretty much sex, groupies, sluts and misogyny, now these days people get annoyed by that even if they know its tongue in cheek. Guess what our advice would be? Correct – if that might offend you then this probably isn’t for you – and you know what everyone is entitled to their opinion, just not the right to push it one anyone else.


As you can probably imagine “Starfucker’; ‘(I’m A) Rock Whore’; ‘Down on Me’ and ‘Fucked by Rock And Roll’ are pretty much as you’d expect lyrically and musically they kick decent arse! If you want some good dirty fun I bet these guys kill it live.  


Highlights (or lowlights if you prefer) are certainly the uplifting ‘Fucked By Rock and Roll’ and the rather amusing anti-love song ‘Obligatory Love Song’ that proves that they do have a multi-dimensional sense of humour, and strangely it smells a little like Mott the Hoople to me! When they play it straight like on ‘Ain’t Too Old (To Rock ‘N’ Roll)’ and single 'New York City' it’s actually pretty good too. And hidden track – a swing version of ‘Fucked by Rock And Roll’ hint at a cross-genre monster… If you’re not too timid and have a skin thicker than your old gran you might just enjoy this.


There was one thing that really upset me about this release though- there are three songs with Rock and Roll in the title and only one spelt Rock ‘n’ Roll. Come on guys get your shit together!


If you want to experience Thunderfuck and the Deadly Romantics for yourself and can’t wait to stick ‘Sexploitation’ into your slot we’ve got four copies to give away and at random a couple of badges and posters we'll slip in at random. If you want to win one you know the drill (If you don’t visit our Competitions page).



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