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Counting Crows Perth Concert Hall April 2013



rosemount hotel


may 9th 2013



After coming down to Australia for the Soundwave festival earlier this year with Kyuss Lives, it was a surprise to see John Garcia back in the country again so soon, this time however with his other band Unida. A lot of people don't seem to know too much about this band, formed after Kyuss broke up in the late 90's, it was relatively short lived with a couple of releases and then put to the side. The band only recently reformed playing a few shows and surprisingly, a full tour in Australia. I discovered this band when they put out their first release, a split EP with fellow stoner rock band Dozer after desperately trying to find whatever aftermath was left after Kyuss ended. This band deserves more attention, while not quite as elite as Kyuss is, the music is more balls-out straight edge rock, with hints of that stoner rock stripped down riffage and the occasional Kyuss-ish sound. Make no mistake, when Garcia starts belting out his signature vocals, you cannot help but compare this to Kyuss but Unida is a beast of its own.






The band came out in the most relaxed manner, sound checks all in order and the crowd at ease. First song was "Wet Pussycat" originally released on their debut split EP. The band sounded fantastic, the intimate setting and amazing bass friendly acoustics of The Rosemount Hotel perfect for the band. Crowd was very relaxed for most of the show considering who the lead singer was but that eventually changed by the time the band hit "Dwarf It" near the end of the show, showing that anyone who didn't know who Unida were but were fans of Kyuss, clearly understood what was going on here. The band performed material from across all 3 releases they put out, the third release "The Great Divide" somewhat unknown considering it was never given an official release. That made the show even more fantastic as even the more hardcore fans would be given the chance to check out somewhat "new" material.




John Garcia sounded great as always, his vocals on Unida much more energetic and intense which is one of the things that differentiates Unida from Kyuss. While there was a moment of mellow jamming going on during the show for the most part it was a more in your face kind of show. Unsurprisingly and I guess people are used to the fact, that Garcia rarely says anything during the show in-between songs, guitarist Arthur Seay occasionally chipping in a few words but it was a pretty quiet one from Garcia and the band, who simply ripped through the set list one by one without much banter at all. Arthur Seay on guitar sounded great, jamming down some heavy riffs, guitar tone sounding brilliant. A classic moment during the show which could have turned ugly was his guitar cutting out near the end of the show, the band jumping into a quick improv with Garcia getting the band to keep the momentum while Seay sorted out the technical problem. It was a sign of a professional band engaging in a spontaneous moment doing what they do best and it's moments like this that make you appreciate the kind of talent these guys have. Bassist Owen Seay, nephew of Arthur Seay was great as well, holding down the bass lines and interacting with the fans through-out the show and original drummer Miguel Cancino pounding out on the kit and showcasing the great rhythm this band really has.






The band ended the show with one of their most well-known songs amongst Unida fans with "Black Woman" which is one of the best tracks they have put out, the crowd clearly very into the show by this point. For any of the casual music fans out there that didn't know who Unida was and found out who the singer was, I think this show would have turned a lot of them into new fans. There is no better way to introduce a band to people than by putting on a great live show, and this was right up there with any of the Kyuss shows from earlier this year. If you haven't checked Unida out yet, I highly recommending doing so, you won't be disappointed.




words by Andrew Schizodeluxe and images by Mark Diggins