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LIVE STEREOPHONICS Metro City Perth 2013 Review




25 JULY 2013





Catacomb | Local Boy in the Photograph  | Superman  | We Share the Same Sun  | Graffiti on the Train  | Indian Summer  | I Wouldn't Believe Your Radio  | Pick a Part That's New  | Mr Writer  | Could You Be the One?  | Violins and Tambourines | Hurry Up and Wait | Maybe Tomorrow | Roll the Dice | Just Looking | Been Caught Cheating | Trouble | More Life in a Tramp's Vest | Have a Nice Day | The Bartender and the Thief 

Encore: A Thousand Trees | Traffic | Dakota 




Every so often you see a band that you have no particular expectations of, but who reignite the feeling of excitement you get when you see some really great Rock and Roll. Seeing the stereophonics tonight was all about falling in love again.



Tonight Metros is a sea of British accents and smiling faces, I feel like I must be about the only person here never to have seen the band before. As a casual listener I loved the Stereophonics first three albums and the later ones less so but on the basis of tonight’s show there’s some serious re-evaluation required. Stereophonics are a revelation live and they manage to make it so effortless. Of course it helps that a choir of ex-pats are literally hanging from the rafters and dripping from the walls as Metros is jammed to the roof with a crowd that knows all the words to all the songs.



Two nights ago in Melbourne it was of course a very different story with the show cancelled as singer Kelly Jones struggled with his voice.





As soon as the intro tape stops the roar rings out and in the darkness from the pit you can see the band slip onto stage cool as fuck in their black leather. The big question of course tonight was how long were we going to get and how Kelly’s voice would hold up? We had no issues with either as the band launched into a huge set of old classics and new songs from the ‘Graffiti on a Train’ album.



With eight albums under their belt now it was just a question of how many hits they could fit in, but from the first notes of opener ‘Catacomb’ (from the latest album) it was obvious that the crowd really didn’t care, singing along with one huge voice as the guys cascaded into ‘Local Boy in the Photograph’ before jumping forward a few years to ‘Superman’.



For a band of Stereophonics vintage to be going through somewhat of a resurgence (Graffiti on the Train is their best-selling album in ten years) is great news and the fact that the seven or so tracks from the new opus fit into the set of old favourites so completely comfortably is testament to the quality of the new material. Indeed the band are beaming from ear to ear at the reception of the, albeit, partisan crowd.






In a night that seems to fly by we’re treated to 24 slabs of Stereophonic brilliance with new tracks ‘Share the Same Sun’ and the wonderful ‘Violins and Tambourines’ standing up well against the stadium pleasers like ‘Maybe Tomorrow’ and ‘Have a Nice Day’.



This may not have been as salubrious a show as playing Cardiff City Stadium but everyone here went home wanting more, the sign of a great night by a band in the form of their lives.  







words and images by Mark Diggins



LIVE STEREOPHONICS Metro City Perth 25 July 2013 Review