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Steel Panther Australia Review 2013


These days I feel like a bit of a Steel Panther veteran with this date clocking up my tenth Steel Panther show tonight at a sell-out concert in Perth, Western Australia. There’s a lot of water under the Bridge since I first saw these guys play to an enthusiastic mid-week crowd at The Key Club on Sunset Strip back in 2010 and you know what? It never gets old does it?




Spider in My Mouth | Sandpaper | She's My Addiction  | God Pounds His Nails | Enemy | Sin And Bones


Lit Up | All Night Long | Everything | I Love It ("Say Fuck It") (Icona Pop cover) | Sorry | Big Balls (AC/DC cover) | Crazy Bitch


Eyes of a Panther | Tomorrow Night | Asian Hooker | Just Like Tiger Woods | Let Me Cum In | Guitar Solo | Party Like Tomorrow Is the End of the World | Glory Hole | Weenie Ride | Turn Out the Lights | It Won't Suck Itself | Eatin' Ain't Cheatin' | Death to All but Metal

Encore: Community Property | Party All Day (Fuck All Night) | 17 Girls in a Row





Say what you like about Steel Panther there are three things you know you will get at a show: (1) A great atmosphere where everyone remembers what Rock and Roll used to be about – the PARTY; (2) Some great music played by insanely talented musicians; and (3) that uncomfortable moment that comes no matter how many times you’ve seen them before when they push it all the way to 11.


Tonight though is a real dream ticket with both FOZZY and BUCKCHERRY providing support, ironic I guess in that both bands probably wouldn’t consider a support slot to a ‘comedy’ act anywhere else in the world. And that Is testament to all three bands  putting together a package that gives us both a fix of ‘Party’ and some seriously good, if short, warm-up sets.


FOZZY is always impressive and of course even though most here will have heard of Chris Jericho from his wrestling career, there are people here who have also never witnessed the band before. After the set a guy turns to me and says ‘I had no idea that they would be so good’ as if thinking that a WWE wrestler couldn’t possibly be a champion Rocker too.


Well let me set the record straight – there wasn’t a person in the house tonight who wasn’t impressed: not only is Jericho a master showman, as you might expect, he has a helluva voice and the band has the songs to more than back it up.



BUCKCHERRY is a band a lot of people here had been waiting forever to see never having visited the West Coast before. Like Fozzy they deliver the goods in what can only be described as pretty close to candle light and like Fozzy too you are left wishing for a longer set. It’s a long time to wait to hear six tracks and as it turns out two of them are cover songs!    


Striding out with what is still their most memorable song ‘Lit Up’ it’s a set with no fat, barely a word to the audience aside from ‘Who loves Bon Scott’ before a rousing rendition of AC/DC’s ‘Big Balls’; and very little fuss. Ending with a promise to return for some it’s a long time to wait for such a short set and for those that have been lucky enough to see the band before (the last time being earlier in the year when they came over for the Stone Music Festival and played a couple of headline dates) it’s just plain frustrating.


For those who weren’t familiar with the band before tonight ‘Crazy Bitch’ that closes has then indelibly etched in their brains.


STEEL PANTHER needs no introduction, though there are a good few hands that go up when Michael Starr asks who hasn’t seen Steel Panther before.  It’s great to see the look on the faces of those debutants at the end of the show – they’re beaming from ear to ear.


Tonight’s show seems far more scripted than usual, with set piece banter scattered liberally around the songs. Perth is of course proclaimed the best City in Australia for the second year running as I’m sure other cities have been christened before; and in between cock and pussy gags there are some decent one-liners. The best thing about Steel Panther though is that you are constantly reminded that these guys can play the ass of these songs too.


Michael Starr gets all serious for a moment though after Satchell’s solo telling the crowd how he got into the band originally so that he could do his part to help stop global warming… needless to say he quickly changes his mind and the real answer has substantially more to do with getting pussy than hugging trees…



Even the stage show tonight has a little more body to it with ramps at the side of the drum riser, big screens and an enhanced vanity unit set up for Lexxi. There are pre-recorded backstage scenes too to warm up the crowd and a new cartoon video to ‘Turn Out the Lights’ – it all smells like what a ‘real’ band might do… That of course is the challenge for Steel Panther, growing up as a part pastiche/part homage to the late eighties Hair Meal scene you have to remember that these guys were all in a pretty fine ‘real bands’ but it was the Metal School/Steel Panther concept that raised their profile considerably. Where they go from here is the big question, already pecking them in on tours in both hemispheres and Festivals each side of the equator you could argue that they’re actually bigger now outside of the US.


Musically tonight though it’s all about fun, and while everyone has their favourites long-time fans will be pleased to know that the new material from album number three is just as good as previous output even if ‘Party Like Tomorrow Is the End of the World’ is suspiciously light on profanities for some!



Striding out with trousers made right here in Perth ‘the Hair Metal trouser capital of the World’ the party continues with a hand held confetti cannon that would make Kiss proud and as Stix ventures out to play keys at the front of the stage for the intro to the quite beautiful and sensitive ‘Weenie Ride’ the crowd is entirely won over.





You know what's really fun?’ Starr asks us ‘Eating pussy’ he answers. ‘Hard as it is to believe Steel Panther has a song about that’ and in that one interlude you have the show summed up. It’s not big, it’s not clever, but it’s something to raise a glass to and party. Closing the set proper comes the song where really it all began – ‘Death to all but Metal’ the title that has been emblazoned on Starr’s t-shirt all night long. ‘It’s only been a year, but it seems like yesterday since we were last here.’ Closes Starr ‘I don't know why bands don't come to Perth it's bitchin’’



Of course there is an encore with the warm and touching ‘Community Property’ given the traditional ‘a capella’ opening with the crowd providing backup. And even though it’s rather late in the day we see the first naked breasts of the evening – almost perfectly the girl who gets up on stage turns out to be called ‘Cat’ – and Starr cashes in on the easy lines. As many had hoped for it then descends into the kind of controlled chaos that has Panther aficionados coming back for more with the backstage banter and bangin’ jokes coming thick and fast while the stage fills with girls – a largish Asian girl has Stix’ head lodged between her ‘funbags’ and it’s all on from there. Years ago the guys used to get girls up onstage during the early part of the set for ‘Girl from Oklahoma’ but with that cut from the set now the encore allows the guys probably considerably more freedom than they’d have back home (at least on stage).



After a raucous three song encore, red confetti cannons close the set before a timely reminder about road safety from Michael Starr “Don’t forget, if you’ve been drinking be smart before you get behind the wheel… do a big line of cocaine first”. And with that the ‘Panther slipped into the night…



Next time we’re gonna need a bigger venue…




by Mark Diggins 12 December 2013





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