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MARCH 1 2013






My first experience at a Soundwave Festival outside of my hometown of Perth. The anticipation was very high not just for that fact but also for seeing Metallica who were headlining the festival on the whole tour. At this point I had seen Metallica 14 times and show number 15 simply wasn't making me any less jaded or less excited than my first time or 10th. A beautiful day at the Flemington Racecourse in Melbourne, cool weather, seamless entrance with no waiting and straight to stage 1a with Japanese band Crossfaith already starting with their interesting brand of modern metal and techno beats. The band looked tiny on the massive stage but they sounded as big as any veteran band would.



Anthrax were on next, my 4th time seeing them on this Soundwave tour and I was still as excited to see them despite the setlists being pretty much the same on every show. A relatively small crowd saw Anthrax tear it up and put on a solid 40 minutes of their usual thrashers and then it was over. AC/DC classic "T.N.T.", "The Devil You Know" and "Anti-Social" were highlights in the short but sweet set.


At this stage I had originally planned to head over to stage 3 and 5 to check out Kingdom Of Sorrow and Orange Goblin respectively but the newly available rail spots at the front on the main stage were much too tempting to leave and walk away from knowing full well it would be heaven to be there for Slayer and Metallica so I grabbed a spot and settled in for the day. Sometimes these things happen so I did come prepared with drinks and food luckily so I was all good.



Big screens on each sides of the stage allowed the crowd to check out the band on the other main stage 1b while the stage crews setup for the next band. Stone Sour were back for the festival again and did their thing to a big crowd. I was not too impressed by them last time they were here in 2011 despite having a liking for some of their songs but they sounded much better this time around though.


As soon as they were done, Mike Patton fronted experimental/prog rock/wierdo band Tomahawk hit the stage on 1a in a very low key entrance. Aside from a few moments in some songs here and there, the music was very hard to get into, going from very mellow to wierd screaming matches to jump around silly rock stuff. It was slightly entertaining at the very least but not really my kind of thing and judging by the crowd, probably not with the majority of them either. At this point most of the crowd seemed to be waiting for Slayer to come on stage who were up next on this stage.



Unfortunately because of my decicision to bunker down on stage 1a all day, I had to miss Kyuss Lives who were on next at stage 1b. Not that I regret it based on my experiences afterwards but sometimes clashes are inevitable at multiple stage festivals like Soundwave. I did check them out on the big screen in front of me so it wasn't a total loss.


Next up on my stage was Slayer. Primed and ready to go on the rail, the crowd behind me had already built up to the largest size so far, not surprising as we had 3 of the big 4 of the thrash bands on the bill, a lot of the festival fans were here to see the legendary thrashers tear it up. Opening with "Disciple" off the "God Hates Us All" album, the crowd was already in violence mode and ready to rip the place apart. Not much changes in their set, the usual tracks as well as the nice surprise of "Jesus Saves" which they don't play too often these days. Kerry King seemed to be on fire at this gig despite a minor guitar problem early on, shredding on the solo's and putting on a blistering show. "Raining Blood" ended the set of what was another fantastic performance from the veteran band.



A Perfect Circle were next over on stage 1b but I didn't check out too much of their performance instead using the time to rest a little and munch down on a late lunch/early dinner. I did notice at this time of the day, the crowd in the pit area for stage 1a was slowly packing in, there couldn't have been much room left before the gates would have been closed for this stage.


Pop punk band Blink 182, who had a huge following at the Soundwave Festival were up next and at this point after they hit the stage, crowds of teen girls, obviously fans of the band, simply could not handle the huge surge in the crowd inside the moshpit and were jumping out in herds. If they thought it was rough then, they may not want to be there for Metallica when they hit the stage later that evening!


Being a metal/rock enthusiast, Blink 182 was simply a band I was not interested in seeing. The demographics for that band are quite clearly obvious and not that I would criticize different people for their own tastes in music but they simply did nothing for me. I will however give them credit for putting on a pretty entertaining show with humerous banter inbetween songs, making even me chuckle a few times. They seemed to have a lot of fun on stage and with the crowd and so at least they had that. But once their set ended, I was glad and VERY ready for the metal headliners to make their way to the stage.



Linkin Park were on stage 1b, playing to a big crowd as they are probably big enough to headline Soundwave in their own right. Again, not much of a fan of their music but they sounded like they were putting on a good show.


After a little wait after Linkin Park's set, it was time for the mighty Metallica to hit the main stage and end the festival for the day. The band hit the stage just after 8pm and opened with the very first song off their debut album "Kill Em All" with "Hit The Lights". After that it was a string off classics - "Master Of Puppets" got the crowd going big time, "Harvester Of Sorrow" was heavy as hell, bassist Rob Trujillo even got me singing the chorus with him, our eyes deadlocked the whole time. Loved it!


"Leper Messiah" was the first rare gem of the night, the whole crowd singing the chrorus as loud as they could, the 2nd gem followed right behind with "My Friend Of Misery" which the band only started playing live when they embarked on their black album tour last year, performing the entire album in it's entirety as part of the 20th anniversary of that album. Haha I can't believe it's been 20 years since that album came out! Anyway, the crowd harmony that singer/guitarist James Hetfield got the crowd to do was simply amazing and was truly one of those moments where you had to be there to know what it was like. Kirk Hammett was ripping it up as always, shredding on upcoming classic "All Nightmare Long" and any doubt about Lars Ulrich's drumming ability was thrown out the window when the double kicks were thrown in hard during "One" and "Blackened". The band were still in top form despite being off tour for a couple of months. "Enter Sandman" which always receives the biggest crowd reaction ended the first part of a blistering set of mostly old songs from their first 5 albums.



The final 3 songs on the set were more vintage Metallica - "Creeping Death" an always welcome addition to the set, the ultra fast "Damage, Inc." and finally "Seek And Destroy" ending the show with the now obligatory beach balls falling from the sky. It has only been a little over 2 years since the band were in Australia as part of their "World Magnetic" tour so it was a nice surprise to see the band back downunder so soon. 15 times in the bank for me now and I will always welcome another Metallica show, it really never gets old, especially when the band is this good and the setlists are always different. Bring on Soundwave Perth!




by Andrew SchizoDeluxe