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Raise the Flag Bon But Not Forgotten 15 December 2012



15 DECEMBER 2012


Raise the Flag always put on one helluva show, and tonight’s pre-Christmas showcase has the twist of being half Aussie Rock Classics and half traditional Bon Scott fronted AC/DC fare. Joondalup’s Grand Boulevard Tavern may not be the Charles Hotel, but it’s good to see that it’s starting to draw decent crowds for local rock shows, long may it continue! It’s also nice to be able to get to chat to the band before the show too and Skenie is his usual affable self, chatting away to the punters, and posing for a few photos.



Let’s face it, this near Christmas everyone including the band is out to have a damn good night and opening with Rose Tattoo’s ‘Bad Boy’ and the Angels ‘No Secrets’ can’t be bad at all and gets the room moving. There’s a great mix of music from the band, stuff from The Church, Diesel and The Screaming Jet’s ‘Helping Hand’ all go down a treat before we really up the ante with The Jet’s ‘Better’ which gets the reaction of the night and one from Skenie’s band The Poor – the classic ‘More Wine Waiter Please’.



It’s a great set and a great first half to the night, but the venue needs a swift kick up the arse for pumping horrible dance music between sets to a rock crowd, I’m convinced we lose a few from the room because of that and there are two groups who come to the door, listen, decide they are in the wrong place and turn around. Minor rant aside…



In the break I have a chat with Skenie, interested to see if he did any of his trademark ‘climbing on stuff’ at The Charles last night, he was of course all over the soundboard again, but there’s a challenge thrown down tonight as I tell him I don’t think there’s anything that he can manage to climb on here ‘I’ll find something’ he says, looking around the room. I’m then on edge for the rest of the night waiting to see if he can prove me wrong.



The ‘Bon’ set commences the usual bluster and the crowd laps up the likes of ‘Dirty Deeds’; ‘Problem child’; ‘Jailbreak’ which is dedicated to one of Skenie’s mates who is doing a little time inside.



‘High voltage’ and ‘Sin City’ pretty much fill the floor, before we’re challenged to ‘Let’s blow the fuck out of this place’ with ‘TNT’. But to be honest it’s the shirts off serenade of ‘Highway to Hell’ and the ‘sausage roll’ lyrics version of ‘Long Way To the Top’ that raise the decibels to new levels crowd-side.



‘We can do one or two more’ shouts James Morley and Skenie’s ginger wine is out as the band hits ‘Rosie’. There’s even time for a bit of Skenie stand-up with a robin limerick that is both Christmassy and wonderful 9so it says in my notes)…




The night ends on a huge high with a great version of ‘The Stroke’ by Billy Squire that James sings before we’re told it’s curfew time, thankfully James wants one more and Skenie is on hand to tell the management to ‘get fucked’ in the nicest possible way and we close out with a real treat and the only Brian Johnson era AC/DC song I’ve ever heard these guys play: ‘You Shook me all night long’ It’s a great end to a great night.



by Mark