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It was a night of retro and nostalgia rock that was filled with fantastic surprises and expected fun. 60's/70's rock was the main theme of the night with some nice twists as we found out at the first date of the Australian tour for Germany's Kadavar and supporting band Sweden's Blues Pills.




Opening for the night were Devil Rides Out who are one of Perth's best local acts, they were perfect openers for the night. Blue Pills were the main support act, a band which I had never heard of until now and after seeing this American-Swedish-French quartet's performance, I am glad to now be very aware of them, this was truly the highlight of the night for me. Blending 60's and 70's rock with soul music and a little bit of blues, the band sounded amazing and while they don't have an album as of yet, their set which comprised of tracks from their EP "Devil Man" was enough to make me a fan. Singer Elin Larsson is a fantastic singer, her voice bringing a different dynamic to the band that would have otherwise, while still been great, would have not stood out quite as much. Her voice and attitude and stage presence screams comparisons to Aretha Franklin and Janis Joplin but with her own personality stamped on it. The young Dorian Sorriaux on guitar is another highlight, showcasing his amazing talent, shredding on the guitar, occasionally holding back on mellower parts and letting the rest of the band take over. His wah-pedal sounds are very retro-active harking back to 60's and 70's styles all while laying down some modern tricks as well. I won't forget to mention Cory Berry on drums who together with Zack Anderson on bass who displayed some mesmerizing finger work on the 4 string instrument really added some groove and funk to the band's sound. Stand out tracks in their set included "Bliss" which was very 60's sounding with an amazing guitar work, "Little Sun" which is a more mellower song but features a strong vocal performance from Elin and "Devil Man" which is probably the best song on the night, a bluesy song with a southern rock feel, also a highlight on their EP. But really, every song they played, every note and every moment was amazing. This is a band you must check out and an absolute necessety to experience live.





After Blues Pills I had to wonder if main act Kadavar would be able to step up and deliver the goods after such a great supporting performance and while I maintain at least for myself personally that Blues Pills were the highlight, Kadavar was by no means a letdown. In fact while the retro rock thing was still there, this band is really a different kind of beast in itself so one doesn't necessarily have to be better than the other. The 3 piece band from Germany on tour for their latest album "Abra Kadavar" stepped up and showed the Perth crowd what this band was about. Not only did they sound amazing but the groove factor was really intense, with vocalist/guitarist Christoph Lindemann headbanging and shredding out with such ferocity which simply added to the energy of the band. The tall Simon Bouteloup on bass had a huge sound on the low ends which was great to hear mixed with Christoph Bartelt's drumbeats. A lot of Black Sabbath driven riffs combined with some doomy styles made this band an absolute pleasure to watch and hear. Again I cannot say enough that the groove factor with this band is just amazing, the stripped back rawness of it all is pure heaven and something that really sums up the idea that sometimes less is better, that you don't need all the bells and whistles of modern trickery to really put on a good performance.




Aussie stoner rock heroes Tumbleweed were the final band tonight and this was something that I was very much looking forward to seeing. They were one of the first bands I ever saw live when I was a kid and their sound and style stuck with me ever since so the nostalgia factor was pretty big on this one in a whole different way and not just in the musical style. More well known in the 90's, the band have recently put out a new album "Sounds from the Other Side" and they played a few new tracks to show where the band are now. It's good to see they haven't lost much of their original sound but it's fair to say most of the fans really lapped up the older more well known stuff including classics like "Daddy Long Legs". Unfortunately the sound in the mix was not that great which sadly marred the set a bit. Either the volume or distortion levels sound a little too high but otherwise the band put on a great performance.


It really was a fantastic night filled with nostalgia both on personal and musical levels but I strongly suggest checking out any or all of these bands if they have not hit your radar yet.




by Andrew Schizodeluxe photos by Mark Diggins 21 November 2013





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