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LIVE OM at the Rosemount May 11 2013 review




MAY 11TH 2013



I won't pretend to KNOW OM's music very well because to be perfectly honest, I don't. Which is one of the reasons I decided to see this band in person when they came to Perth. I have always been a big advocate of the live experience, to see a band perform live and to make me check out more of their music. So there were no expectations when I did see their show, I only knew of their ambient mellow style and I briefly listened to 3 of their albums including their more recent one "Advaitic Songs" on the day of the show but that was it, I pretty much went into it with expecting to only gain an experience from it. Because that essentially is what this band is about, it's not so much just the melodies, the riffs, the tempos or the vocals. It's about the experience, the feeing, the vibe and the emotion the music gives to you. The ambient style lends itself to that feeling, in whatever that makes you feel.




When the band came onstage, a 3 piece ensemble of a drummer, a percussionist and band founder vocalist/bass player Al Cisneros, they launched into a night of what can best be described as a trippy ambient doomy and at times, rockin' set. As I said, I don't know the band too well so the song titles elude me, even if I was to go back and listen to their albums repeatedly, so I can't go into details on the set but in my opinion, I don't think that's really important here as the vibes and sounds echoeing out of their instruments was so mesmerizing and emotive, it was a fantastic noise to not only hear coming from the amazing Rosemount Hotel's  soundproofed room but to feel it as well. That was the other key note from the band's performance, if I had to take anything away from it at all, it was the feeling of the bass heavy sound buzzing through my chest that elevated the show to another level. The doomy drone-like style in parts are certaintly something to experience when in a certain mindset but the added feature of physically having that music be felt inside is a wonderful one and always adds to the whole thing.




Musically, aside from the typical ambient and doomy comparisons and descriptions, was quite experimental and progressive, not following obvious song and chord structures but with repeated parts still being used. It's mostly instrumental but vocals are added in here and there, nothing that would be considered sing along kind of stuff mind you, but enough to not be completely instrumental. To be honest, I did not think the vocals added much to the music or to the performance except for some vocal sounds which again, simply added to a certain atmosphere they were trying to achieve. The drums were pretty interesting, though coming from a drum enthused fan, I might be slightly biased in saying that. But still, it wasn't boring drum parts which can sometimes be found in this kind of music but rather it was a little more technical than I have seen before. But, not overly technical mind you, just simply adding to the feel of the music, which any good drummer should be doing anyway. The bass is clearly a very prominent part of the music, so heavy in parts that it cuts right into you as if your chest were about to explode. I will say that this probably wouldn't be as effective had this show been at any other venue in Perth, the Rosemount Hotel known for having a brilliant bass friendly stage room. For me this was the highlight's of the night and every song sounded perfect. Setwise, it was a fairly longish 75 minute set with really only a handful of songs performed given the length of some their tracks.




Looking at the band setup, it did initially struck me as kind of interesting yet strange that the only guitar to be found being used was a bass guitar, especially when hearing their albums prevously where I thought guitars were being used. But clearly the bass was not only the most prominent aspect of their music but important in releasing the physycal and emotional part of the music to the audience. The percussion and keyboard stuff were merely dressings to a musical salad so to speak though I am sure many may argue that point. But as with any kind of experimental art, there is no right and wrong point of view, only an interpretation. The beauty of art is always that it is whatever the person experiencing it gets out of it. For me personally, I won't say I am a huge fan of the band or even the musical style but I definitely enjoyed the whole experience, I thought the band were great and the sound is something I will probably never forget. Sometimes you gotta go out there and try something a little different, if not just for the experience.





by Andrew Schizodeluxe



OM LIVE at the Rosemount May 11 2013 review