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Nile Live at the Amplifier Bar Perth Australia 2013



To the average listener not clued in on the death metal scene, Nile may be one of those bands that sounds like total chaos and they are right in a way. But underneath that crude mess is a magnificent beast that messes with conventional song structures and obvious guitar riffs and pulverises you with every song until your head explodes. And that is just on an album. Seeing them live is yet again a whole other beast in itself as we found out on their final show on the Australia tour in Perth.



On tour promoting their latest album, 2012's "At the Gate Of Sethu" which continues their extreme metal legacy, the band played to a fairly packed out crowd which is always good to see. Opening up as support was local progressive metaller's Sensury Amusia who performed a chunk of their set on the floor with the crowd before technical death metaller's The Faceless hit the stage to showcase their heavy offerings. I had never seen this band before and if I had to describe them I would say it was a blend of Meshuggah heaviness and Dream Theater melody. It sounded good and they were perfect openers for Nile.



Finally the band of the night hit the stage and first main song of the night "Sacrifice Unto Sebek" off 2005's "Annihilation Of The Wicked" was already a highlight of the night. The no compromising sound and style of Nile was in full effect, the sheer heaviness just pure face-melting stuff! The band continued to blaze through a tight set of "hit songs and classics" and a healthy dose of the new stuff. The twin vocalist match between Karl Sanders and Dallas Toler-Wade is absolute heaven to watch, Karl's more deeper style reflecting off Dallas' more rougher approach perfectly while they both shred on the guitars respectively. George Kollias on drums however is something to behold, the drum patterns a flurry of chaos and aggression with a groove aspect to boot - this is a drummers paradise to watch as the genius that is Mr Kollias laid down what has to be one of the hardest drum gigs to see. To hear it is one thing but to see it in person is another. An absolute highlight of the night!





Nile's music is based on a lot of Egyptian and Middle Eastern themes which simply add to the dark and heavy tones of the band's sound but the song titles are really something that standout in the band's catalogue. From "The Inevitable Degradation of Flesh" to "Enduring the Eternal Molestation of Flame" and "Supreme Humanism of Megalomania", there are no hit singles or radio friendly tracks to be found here, just pure unadulterated complex metal and Dallas points this out during the course of their set incase anyone was actually waiting for that one hit wonder to push the band into the mainstream. This is as far as mainstream as a band will get and so it should be. The band ended the set with "The Blessed Dead" from their 3rd album "In Their Darkened Shrines" which is a fitting ender to what was a killer night from one of death metal's greatest bands.




Words by Andrew Schizodeluxe images by Mark Diggins 17 November 2013





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