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The Rock Pit - Hard rock, Metal and Blues Interviews, news & reviews from Australia and around the world
LIVE MUNICIPAL WASTE the Rosemount 21.6.2013



The thrash/punk crossover band, Municipal Waste hit the newly renovated Rosemount Hotel on Friday night ready to tear the place apart. And they did a damn fine job of it!



Leading the charge in the recent resurgence of old school thrash metal the lads from Richmond, Virginia are one of the best in the business in pure "adulterated" fast in your face thrash music. Being a huge fan of these guys for several years now, I was absolutely stoked to finally see this band live. The stories you may have heard, the myths, the legends, the wild insanity that is a Municipal Waste show all came crashing into the venue in one big pile of zombie infused thrash mania.



After some well approved openers from Beer Fridge and Scalp Hunter who fit right into the punk crowd scene on the night, the mighty thrashers hit the stage and it was chaos from there on. Opening with "Deathripper" from the 2005 album "Hazardous Mutation", the band whipped the crowd into a frenzy and anyone who got caught in the middle of the pit were undoubtedly crushed from the circle pit that ensued. "Unleash The Bastards" followed and the band never really relented through-out the whole night, driving out pure thrash pieces one by one without much breaks inbetween. It was a blistering set with singer Tony Foresta getting the crowd involved with the microphone during tracks like "You're Cut Off" and song title thumper "Headbanger Face Rip". Despite the speed at which the band perform at, the songs still lend themselves very well to crowd chants and singalongs. If you could keep up that is. The crowd did their very best to keep up with all the antics that were going on, the rail huggers bracing themselves from every stage diver and circle pits that were crushing from behind. Those lucky enough to be right behind them felt the full impact from both sides and the small dance floor area pretty much kept vacant for the hardcore moshers as the rest of the crowd stayed as far back as they could to avoid the onslaught.



It was good to see crowd favorite "Terror Shark" in the set, a song that is nothing but pure fun but the extreme short tracks "I Want To Kill The President" and "Black President" at 18 seconds and 1 second respectively shows an even more "pointless" fun distraction that obviously is a throwback to the pisstakes of punk and grindcore bands who developed a humor filled competition to see who could create the fastest and shortest songs. Others who may not be familiar with the story behind this may find themselves scratching their heads over that one.



Back to the serious stuff, "Wolves Of Chernobyl" off the 2009 "Massive Aggressive" was a welcome addition as was "Sadistic Magician" off the 2007 landmark record "The Art Of Partying". The band also sounded great, drummer Dave Witte was fantastic behind the kit, never skipping a beat and providing much needed structure in an otherwise pummeling set of speedsters, Ryan Waste on his left handed axe melting everyones faces with riff after riff at blistering speeds. Bass player Philip "Landphil" Hall somewhat lost in the mix here and there but did give a nice bass solo midway through the show. As far as new material is concerned, the band played several tracks off their latest endevour "The Fatal Feast", and while the songs are great in themselves, I do think they are not quite up there with the previous albums, even in the live situation but still, hardly much of a flaw in the band's catalogue.



The band ended the major chunk of the set with the classic "Born To Party" which got the crowd screaming the now famous line "Municipal Waste is gonna fuck you up!" which was the perfect set closer for the night. Thankfully, the band came out for one more song, the title track from the same album which thus ended one of the most fun gigs I have been to in some time. Midway through 2013 and for me this was the best gig of the year even if I say that as an unashamingly biased fan!





by Andrew Schizodeluxe