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The Rock Pit - Hard rock, Metal and Blues Interviews, news & reviews from Australia and around the world
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21 DECEMBER 2012



Leon from Ragdoll and Andy from Babyjane



If you love local rock music and love the sounds of the eighties Sunset strip then there was only one place to be in Perth tonight and looking around the crowd it was great to see so many great supporters of the local live scene out in force ready to party like it's 1987!



Any night like this at Perth’s infamous Rocket Room was bound to be a sell out and as such it was always going to be a big night with the cream of some of Perth’s best bands: Psychonaut, Ragdoll, Diamond Eye, Emerald City, Babyjane, the Sure Fire Midnights, Legs Electric and Emberville providing the entertainment in the guise of a great line up of cover bands. Also adding the backdrop of ‘big-haired’ sound for the night was DJ Perry Ormsby who kept it all tied together with some great classics and a handful of obscure tunes from the era and beyond.


Sal from Emerald City and Greg from Diamond Eye



As far as cover bands go it was hard to believe that these guys have pretty much all only been practicing their sets for a few weeks as the results were amazing.  



Skid Row which featured members of Ragdoll, Babyjane, Diamond Eye and In the Now kicked off proceedings magnificently with a bunch of near perfect crowd-pleasing renditions of material from the band’s glory years. It certainly got the crowd going and to be honest I don’t think I’ve heard a bass sound quite as close to Rachel Bolan before.



Simon and Mark and co from Psychonaut play WASP



Psychonaut’s take on WASP also took some beating with Mark breaking out the circular saw gauntlets (surely a must have accessory this summer) as the band strode through classics like: ‘I Wanna Be Somebody’, ‘Wild Child’ and the classic that started it all ‘Animal (F**k like a Beast)’; which is still have on 7” vinyl!



For many one of the unexpected highlights of the night was Legs electric’s take on Steel Panther, the irony was beautiful on so many levels especially after the opening chants (by the band) of ‘We love pussy’.  And you know what? They kicked considerable ass!



Motley Crue of course was one of the big draws with the Diamond Eye and Emerald City boys romping through some thankfully early Crue, tearing up ‘Looks that Kill’ and absolutely owning ‘Shout at the Devil’  before an unexpected and well appreciated ‘Livewire’ from the album that really started it all and the ubiquitous ‘Too Young to Fall in Love’.



Legs Electric play Steel Panther



How do you end a night like that? Well I think it was more drinks and then a large portion of Bon Jovi. Tonight the Rocket Room rocked with some great music by the cream of Perth’s local Rock bands. It would be a crime against music to wait until Christmas to do this all again!



all photos by Mandy Av - Awakening Vixen Photography

words by Jo Rockpit