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LIVE KISS MOTLEY CRUE THIN LIZZY Monster Tour Perth Arena 28 February 2013








FEBRUARY 28 2013










Saints of Los Angeles – Wildside – Shout at the Devil – Same Ol’ Situation – Sex – Don’t go Away Mad (Just Go Away) – Home Sweet Home - Drum Solo – Guitar solo – Livewire – Primal Scream – Dr Feelgood – Girls Girls Girls – Kickstart My Heart


Detroit Rock City – Shout it out Loud – Hell or Hallelujah – I Love it Loud – Psycho Circus – Dr Love – Firehouse – Wall of Sound – Outta This World -  Guitar Solo/Drum Solo - Bass Solo – God of Thunder – War Machine -  Shandi – Love Gun – Black Diamond – Lick it up – I was Made for Loving You – Rock and Roll all Night (Party Every Day)



It’s been 40 years since Kiss strapped on the platform boots, started painting their faces and changed music forever. The success that this band has enjoyed over such a long and distinguished career is a testimony to their ability to write great music and deliver in the concert setting where they have continued to literally blow their opposition away night after night with great live shows.


On this their sixth visit to Perth (1980, 1995, 1997, 2001, 2004, 2013) they have brought along one of the few bands that can go toe to toe with them live…The “Most Notorious Band on the Planet” Motley Crue!!  The legends of the Sun Set Strip are here for the second time (2005) and the fact these are guys are still alive let alone still in a band together is incredible in itself. If that’s not enough Irish rockers Thin Lizzy and Brisbane band Diva Demolition round out what should be an explosive night of entertainment.


Due to the early start I unfortunately missed Diva Demolitions set and just caught the last 15 minutes of Thin Lizzy. They were rocking out pretty hard and of course the big crowd favourite “The Boys are Back in Town” got a great reception from the already almost full Perth Arena.


As the anticipation of the crowd built we noticed some big banners held by a couple of scantily clad young ladies was making it’s way through the crowd and as we turned to see what was happening there they were! Vince Neil and Nikki Sixx (with a team of bodyguards) were walking right through the crowd and up to the stage. Once on stage they were joined by Mick Mars and Tommy Lee and they launched straight into the “Saints of Los Angeles”. There stage was massive with allot of props, they had girls dangling from the ceiling doing some crazy moves and although the Crue has definitely aged since I last saw them they were still working every inch of stage.  The girls came down onto the stage for the second song “Wildside” to help out on backing vocals, this is one of the Crue’s all time classics and was quickly followed by another one in “Shout at the Devil” which had the whole crowd chanting the chorus with Devil Horns in the air. No Crue concert is complete without a heavy dose of songs from the Dr Feelgood album and “Same Ol’ Situation” was the first of these, another great song to sing along too.




The recently released single “Sex” was next and this was probably the only song most people in the crowd hadn’t heard before so it got the most muted response of the night but “Don’t Go Away Mad” picked things up again nicely and had the crowd in full voice again. As the roadies brought out a piano everyone knew what was next. Tommy Lee came down the front and started to play one of the greatest ever rock ballads ever written. ”Home Sweet Home” was a great moment which was again followed by a highlight of every Crue show, the Tommy Lee drum solo. Over the years he has done everything from fly over the crowd to doing his solo while the drum kit was spinning round and round, this time he went on a roller coaster ride! His drum kit was on a big round metal frame and as he was blasting out some beats he was going round and round and ended up hanging upside down…it was jaw dropping!


Mick Mars cranked out a quick guitar solo before they launched into one of the highlights of the night. “Livewire” was great. There was Pyro going off, dancing was hard to know where to look and just when you thought they had exhausted their bag of tricks Nikki Sixx comes out and lays down the bass line for “Primal Scream” and starts shooting flames 5 metres in the air from the end of his bass!


Getting near the end of the set they now brought out the big guns, “Dr Feelgood” finished the main set before they came back out for the encore. Vince got everyone to put their right fist in the air and start revving up the Harleys and they cranked out Girls Girls Girls (my favourite Motley song) and then there was only one way to finish….. “Kickstart my Heart”. There aren’t many bands out there that can finish a set with three songs as good as that!


Sorry if this review leaves you a bit breathless but that’s what this set was was fast paced , spectacular and you never knew what they were going to do next! They crammed a two hour show into an hour and fifteen minutes so there was no let up. Did they sound perfect? Definitely not….Vince has never been the best vocalist live but he is a great front man, he didn’t stop moving the entire show and was getting a bit breathless by the end. Mick Mars despite his obvious health issues still cranks on the guitar and Tommy Lee is one hell of a drummer, his enthusiasm is infectious. Nikki prowls the stage and really works the crowd and much like their lives they push it to the limit in everything they do.


After half an hour the lights again dimmed and it was time for the self proclaimed “Hottest Band in the World…..KISS!!”. The curtain dropped and down from the ceiling came Paul, Gene and Tommy on a platform which had billowing smoke and flashing lights. They kicked off with “Detroit Rock City” and the crowd was singing every word right along with them. They immediately followed it up with “Shout it Out Loud” and they were in fine form and sounding great. Their stage had massive screens everywhere and it was all colour, sound and explosions.


Paul took the microphone and thanked the crowd for coming out and told them the first single off their latest album was next “Hell or Hallelujah”. It’s a great song off what is a surprisingly good album but it was noticeable that the crowd’s enthusiasm dipped a bit when they played some of the new material. I guess it’s a catch 22 situation here for the band. Their fans want them to release new material but at their shows they really want the hits, but I certainly don’t blame them for doing some new stuff, it is the Monster tour after all and not a great hits tour.


Gene now got to show off his vocal prowess as he belted out a thunderous ‘I Love it Loud” quickly followed by “Psycho Circus” and “Dr Love”.  During “Firehouse” he did his usual fire breathing   before planting the flaming sword into the stage.  Gene also sang the lead on the quite heavy “Wall of Sound” before Tommy got his shot with “Outta This World” a very catchy tune also off the Monster album.
Tommy and Eric got the stage to themselves for a guitar/drum solo which was quite entertaining as the were both lifted high in the air while Tommy was shooting pyro of the end of his guitar with Eric replying with a pyro shooting Bazooka!!




Gene’s bass solo/blood spitting performance was up next, and as he flew up to the rafters he appeared to fall short of the platform above the stage before somehow managing to scramble up onto it before singing the epic ‘God of Thunder”. He returned back to the stage to sing “War Machine” before Paul took over for a great acoustic rendition of “Shandi” with backing vocals from the Perth Arena crowd.


Now Paul wanted to get in on the flying action and during the classic “Love Gun” he flew over the crowd to a small stage in the middle of the arena. Things were really starting to hot up again and when he returned to the main stage Eric Singer finished off the show with the rousing “Black Diamond” again with the Perth Arena crowd really starting to find their voices.


Like Motley, Kiss saved the best for the encore. “Lick it Up” is a simple but effective song and with wave after wave of flames exploding behind them you could literally feel the heat coming off the stage. “I was made for Loving You” was another huge crowd favourite before the show came to an end with the explosive “ Rock and Roll all Night (Party Every Day).  The last song saw a huge amount of confetti blown into the air while the stage literally exploded before our eyes. Paul finished the show by destroying a guitar on stage.


If you had seen Kiss before then there weren’t many surprises as they pretty much stuck to their normal formula. But, when you consider that Gene & Paul are now in their 60’s they still put on a great show and are the ultimate showman. They sounded great and when you have four guys who all can sing very well as they can you don’t expect anything else.


Tonight we got around five and a half hours of great entertainment and I guess the conversation will be on who was better, Kiss or Motley? Both are great bands who defined the eras where they were at their peak. It’s interesting that even though they essentially play the same kind of music they are very different beasts. Kiss are a slick, professional finely tuned machine while Motley are a raw, unpredictable, brash, rowdy rock and roll band.


For me rock and roll is sometimes more about what you feel rather than what you hear, so I really enjoyed Motley Crue. But, there is no doubt this is one hell of a tour which will leave everyone feeling very satisfied.


words by Mike Fistonich




I’ve seen Kiss many times over the years and they always put on a show, but you know what? Tonight I think was the best Kiss show I have seen, and that bodes amazingly well for the Australian Tour. When you then throw into the package a very slick Motley Crue, a simply awesome Thin Lizzy and a highly entertaining Diva Demolition on their first real big stage – then you have a night to remember.


Kiss pure and simple showed us how to be rock stars tonight and being in the photo pit for a band like this was a true pleasure and an experience I don’t think I will ever recover fully from – those guys are so slick and so well rehearsed and work the crowd so well they make it all seem so effortless.


On with the show...






Diva Demolition may not be a name that many are familiar with, but based on tonight’s show it’s likely we will be seeing a lot more of them. Playing a brand of well-written fun hard rock and roll:  the audience that got in early went away with an unexpected treat. In a set that showcased their forthcoming album (which is actually available at dates on the tour) Kylie Cowling and Co showed few nerves and put on a great performance that left those who might have been wondering who on earth they were before the show in no doubt as to why they deserved to be there.






Are You Ready | Jailbreak | Killer on the Loose | Don't Believe a Word | Whiskey in the Jar | Suicide | Rosalie | Roisin Dubh (Black Rose): A Rock Legend |Cowboy Song | The Boys Are Back in Town


I’ve waited most of my life to see Thin Lizzy a band that pretty much provided the soundtrack to my early teens. After the pleasure of meeting Scott, Marco and Darren yesterday to actually see them up on stage doing what they do best was an unforgettable experience. Musically this was pretty flawless with three guitars effortlessly recreating the classic Thin Lizzy sound, and then some. Vocalist (and third guitarist) Ricky Warwick was masterful, and while some will of course always complain that there is no Thin Lizzy without Phil, I’m just happy that this wonderful music is being kept alive by those who care. Of course this will be one of Thin Lizzy’s last shows with the band changing their name to ‘Black Star Riders’ and releasing an album of new material under that name shortly.
Tonight though is all about the show and the music and I think al lot of those here for either Kiss, Crue or both were a little taken aback by the sheer quality of the show, and the fact that they recognised so many songs.


In a set of many highlights it was almost impossible to pick one key moment in the show, but ‘Rosalie’ and ‘Cowboy Song’ both brought a lump to my throat before the unbeatable set closer ‘Boys are Back In Town’ threatened to lift the roof.






SETLIST: Saints of Los Angeles | Wild Side | Shout at the Devil | Same Ol' Situation (S.O.S.)| Sex | Home Sweet Home | Don't Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)| Drum Solo | Primal Scream | Live Wire | Dr. Feelgood | Girls, Girls, Girls | Kickstart My Heart


Motley’s procession to the stage through the crowd at the Perth Arena took almost everyone by surprise. Heralded onto the stage by a big hated stilt-walker (OK he might have been a very thin giant but I’m sticking with stilt-walker) Motley along with a line-up of odd looking characters walked to the stage from the back of the arena flanked by flag-bearing maidens holding high the Motley Crue flags.  It all looked a bit serious to be honest but visually it and the rest of the set was pretty stunning.


Motley seemed to be pretty fired up this evening and the music was fleshed out with sound effects and backing tracks that gave the set a very rich sound. Storming out of the traps with ‘Saints of Los Angeles’ it was s et that covered all the bases as far as the big hits are concerned and ended with a simply mind-blowing rendition of ‘Kickstart My Heart’.






Detroit Rock City | Shout It Out Loud | Hell or Hallelujah | I Love It Loud | Psycho Circus | Calling Dr. Love | Firehouse | Wall of Sound | Outta This World | Bass Solo |God of Thunder | War Machine | Shandi (Acoustic, performed only by Paul) | Love Gun | Black Diamond (with Paul solo)

Encore: Lick It Up (with part of Won't Get Fooled Again) | I Was Made for Lovin' You | Rock and Roll All Nite | God Gave Rock 'n' Roll to You II


Kiss sure know how to put on a show and if there were any in the crowd that thought Motley would be a hard act to follow (and I must admit prior to this evening I was among them) the way KISS came out of the traps and owned Perth this evening was nothing short of spectacular.  I’ve seen Kiss a number of times over the years and to be honest I don’t think I’ve ever heard them sounding as good as tonight. Add to that a stage set that looked amazing and inject that with the energy and enthusiasm of Stanley and Simmons and you can’t go wrong.


As the stage show went we had it all: the traditional fire-breathing during ‘Firehouse’ never gets old, and nor does the Blood-spitting during the bass solo introduction to God of Thunder. And lets face it you can never get enough flames or confetti cannons can you?
But it’s the balance that Kiss does just right:  the show-pieces may all be tried and true and the crowd knows what to expect but it works and we love it: but the tweaks that Kiss add each time makes them a band worth coming back to see. It’s of course all very pantomime, very cartoon, but that is of course the whole point of it. Rock and Roll was meant to be fun.


This year we get Gene and Paul flying (during God of Thunder and Love Gun respectively) and we get a Paul Stanley solo with a dab of ‘Stairway to Heaven’ in there. The set list tonight too is pretty special for me with favourites like ‘I Love it Loud’ and ‘War Machine’ sounding particularly impressive. And being Australia we do of course get ‘Shandi’: though just one of these days i’d like to hear a stab at something else from the ‘Unmasked’ album!


For a spectacle in 2013 Kiss and Motley Crue will take some beating and when you add Thin Lizzy into the mix this is pretty much un-missable.



words and photos by Mark Diggins