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LIVE Deep Purple Journey Australia 2013




7th MARCH 2013




On paper the pairing of Deep Purple and Journey was an intriguing one, one English giant of the mid to late seventies and one American giant of the early eighties. Two bands that as far as Ross Valory was concerned had never played together before though of course there may well have been some multi-band festival from back in the day that no one remembers.


The crowd was an intriguing one too with a good portion of the crowd there primarily to catch Journey on their only ever Australian tour (40 years after forming) and the remainder there for another dose of classic Purple! For me though it was primarily about Journey’s first visit to these shores and it was worth the wait!





Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)
Any Way You Want It
Ask the Lonely
Who's Crying Now
Only the Young
Amazing Grace
Stone in Love
Keep on Runnin'
Edge of the Blade
Open Arms
Dead or Alive
Wheel in the Sky
Don't Stop Believin'





For those out there that haven’t already been charmed by the sweet sounds and glorious melodies of Journey, there is time: I mean it has taken them several decades to get over to see us. This year was after all 32 years since the release of their best-selling album ‘Escape’ which was a big source of songs in tonight’s set-list.    


With a stack of songs tried and tested over the years, an amazingly talented group of individual instrumentalists; including two founder members bassist Ross Valory and Guitarist Neal Schon; and in Arnell Pineda a voice that can carry off the vocal gymnastics of Journey’s most famous front man Steve Perry Journey look on paper like winners. On the night it is pretty much faultless.


On the night we get a mixture of the ballads: from the beautiful ‘Faithfully’ to the out and out AOR grandeur of ‘Open Arms’ and ‘Who’s Crying Now’; the mid tempo numbers like ‘Anyway you Want it’ and ‘Stone in Love’ to the rockers like ‘Edge of the Blade’ and ‘Dead or Alive’.


The only surprise tonight is that for a band currently in the form of their career and still producing great new music there is none to be heard tonight. Surely the inclusion of ‘City of Hope’ from last year’s ‘Eclipse’ would have been worthy of inclusion just to show that there are still bands out there like Journey making great NEW melodic rock and roll.





But it’s a small gripe in the scheme of things and I imagine that venturing into any new territory does strange things to a band (remember a couple of years back when Heart came out and played half a set of covers).


When all is said and done anyone that left their seat vacant waiting for Deep Purple to take the stage missed a real treat. Neal Schon was worth the price of admission alone for just the two guitar solos he pulled off prior to ‘Stone in Love’ and ‘Wheel in the Sky’.    
A night I will never forget.







Into the Fire
Hard Lovin' Man
Maybe I'm a Leo
Strange Kind of Woman
Knocking at Your Back Door
Contact Lost
Guitar Solo (by Steve Morse)
Wasted Sunsets
The Well-Dressed Guitar
The Mule (with drum solo by Ian Paice)
No One Came
Keyboard Solo (by Don Airey)
Perfect Strangers
Space Truckin'
Smoke on the Water


Green Onions
Bass Solo (by Roger Glover)
Black Night




Deep Purple really need no introduction, one of the biggest names in rock from the seventies the fact that they are still with us today is testament to the fact that so many still love the music they have made over the years.


As someone who has seen the band many times over the years: musically the seasoned axis of Glover, Paice; and for many years now; Morse has few peers. Our real concerns are for Mr Gillan who tonight spends more time off stage than on. Is he well? Or is he just giving the band behind him the space to create a night of music to remember?


Kicking off with a lively ‘Fireball’ tonight’s set list will please most casual fans, with primarily classics but a few obscurities and newer tracks thrown in alongside a plethora of instrumentals – and we get the full set – drum, bass, keys and a couple of guitar solos for good measure plus lengthy musical interludes between and during the majority of songs. Playing a ‘straight’ set Purple would probably add another four of five songs to the set, but that would hardly be the point would it? I mean this is Purple and we pay to actually see drum solos don’t we? The girl beside us has flown in from England to catch the tour while on holiday and the guy two seats down that keeps getting told to stop dancing is here from South America, we even think we see Gene Simmons at the side of the stage watching the action…


Like Journey’s gold is ‘Don’t Stop Believin’’ Purple’s is of course that classic riff to ‘Smoke on the Water’ and by the time we reach that high watermark the crowd is pretty much well satisfied by the evening’s entertainment, some actually leave before the final encores of ‘Hush’ and ‘Black Night’.


For a band that first took to the stage way back in the sixties Purple has come a long way and lost a few along the way most recently the sad passing of Jon Lord. Let’s hope they keep going for a good few more years and keep coming back downunder.     





words by Jo Rockpit images by Mark Diggins