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The Rock Pit - Hard rock, Metal and Blues Interviews, news & reviews from Australia and around the world
Counting Crows Perth Concert Hall April 2013




4TH APRIL 2013



Counting Crows is one of those rare bands these days that have managed to keep in the public consciousness despite not having release an album of new material since 2008. And tonight a packed Perth Concert Hall is proof that there are still plenty of fans out there in Western Australia for this little band from San Francisco.   



From the moment he abled on stage singer Adam Duritz had the audience in the palm of his hand – a larger than life figure with his trademark dreads onstage Duritz is one of those remarkable performers who has a knack of instantly connecting with and audience, and one who can act out a song like few others, full of hand gestures, shrugs and with a face painted with emotion.



As far as the band went they we flawless, creating a fluid musical backdrop to Duritz almost animated prose.





While there were, of course, many in the audience (we tell a lie there it was pretty much everyone) disappointed that their biggest song, and these days greatest live rarity ‘Mr. Jones’ didn’t get an outing we did get to hear that other big hit – the cover of ‘Big Yellow Taxi’ which Duritz mused it had been four years since they last played that one.



It’s great to go out and see a band these days that can pack a hall without what most would consider to be a big presentation, no pyro, no big screen, no discernible ‘show’ – just a bunch of great musicians doing what they do best without anything to hide behind.
In an evening where we got to enjoy the deep and rich back catalogue of one of America’s most thoughtful and endearing rock bands it was hard to pick a highlight or a favourite moment, but if anything the three songs which saw Duritz behind the piano -  ‘Goodnight LA’; ‘A Long December’ and ‘Murder of One’ was probably it.






It wasn’t a set without mishaps though, losing the power halfway through ‘Hangin’ Around’ it was beautiful to see a band so calm, simply stop playing electrically and start again acoustically. It almost raised the roof.



One of the shows of the year, let’s hope Live Nation brings them out again soon!      












words and images by Mark Diggins