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Scott Kelly Interview

Scott Kelly is a man that needs no formal introduction, as a founding member of the Californian experimental metal band Neurosis, over the past 30 years Scott has forged a legendary like legacy that has influenced countless progressive metal bands the World over.


After touring Australia for the first time in February in 2012, as a respected solo artist, Scott returns this November with his backing band The Road Home, which features Noah Landis from Neurosis.
Scott will be presented various material in acoustic form from a number of his numerous solo releases. His latest album being “The Forgiven Ghost in me”.



Andrew: Hi hows it going? Thanks for taking time to answer a few questions for us.
First off, it's nice to see you coming back to Australia so soon. What made you decide to come back again?



Scott: I really enjoyed it last time and Heathen Skulls came up with the idea of having me bring my band with me and us to do some shows with Jarboe. It just sound like something that had to be done.



Andrew: How was the tour the last time you came here?



Scott: It was great. Eye opening in so many ways, mainly just nice to get somewhere so far from home and remember that no matter how much things change they still stay the same all over. It was a pleasure to make new friends and to bring my solo material with me. Traveling with John (Baizley, Baroness) is always a pleasure as well.



Andrew: This time you are touring with fellow bandmate Noah Landis, will there be much Neurosis stuff played because of this?



Scott: No there is no chance of Neurosis material. This is a different idea. Noah and I have collaborated many times with things over the years, this is another on the path that we have chosen to create.





Andrew: You are also touring with Jarboe who is known to be an influential goth/industrial artist, have you had much influence from her work at all?



Scott: Absolutely! Swans are a huge influence on my ears and mind, we also collaborated on a record together about 10 years ago. Neurosis and Jarboe, its one my most favorite things we've ever done.



Andrew: How did the idea of getting her on tour with you come about?



Scott: It was the brainchild of Robert Mcmanus (Heathen Skulls).



Andrew: What will be different on this tour compared to the last one?



Scott: Some different songs, but mostly a different approach using Noah and Greg (Dale) to flesh out the songs. It's a very different sound.





Andrew: Performing the songs that you play live on these solo shows, do you do much improv at all or is everything well rehearsed beforehand?



Scott: There is always some room to stretch it out or constrict.



Andrew: What do you get from your solo shows that differs from Neurosis shows aside from the accoustic guitars?



Scott: It's a completely different approach and the post show reflection is much quieter and more reserved, as is the performance. They are both a type of meditation or prayer.



Andrew: How is the writing process for your solo work usually done?



Scott: I'm always writing, unless im practicing. I don't really ever "just play", I never have it's always compositional when im playing. The songs reveal their own direction to me as they evolve.





Andrew: Do you find writing and even performing your solo stuff more challenging than your other work and how so?



Scott: No I don't. It's different but not more challenging. It's just a different vibe, but thats for everyone in the room, not just me.



Andrew: Do you ever find when writing material that some songs sometimes can turn out to be both useable for your solo albums and Neurosis or are they too far apart for that to happen?



Scott: At some point they show themselves, most of the time its clear very early on but on songs like Neurosis "Casting of the Ages" or Scott Kelly and The Road Home "The Field that Sorrounds Me", it may not be until the end of the writing process.



Andrew: What is the latest on Neurosis at the moment?



Scott: We are grinding along as usual, we are starting to write some new material and planning some shows in the States and Canada at the end of '13.





Andrew: If you could be a fly on the wall for the recording of any classic album in history what would it be?



Scott: Jimi Hendrix "Axis: Bold As Love"



Andrew: What is the meaning of life?



Scott: Don't hurt people and don't expect or assume anything. There is nothing, everything just is.



Andrew: Good luck with the tour and we will see you in Australia very soon! Thanks again!



Scott: Thank you! We are very much looking forward to this.




Scott Kelly spoke to Andrew Schizodeluxe October 2013





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