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LESTER THE FIERCE MAY WELL BE A NEW NAME TO YOU and she may be a bit 'Pop' for The Rockpit but she makes some mighty big sounds on her debut EP that are well worth checking out!








THE ROCKPIT: Thank you for taking the time to talk to The Rockpit. First of all how do we address you? Is Lester OK?

LESTER: Lester is generally what people call me. My name is Anita though. Call me whatever you want!


THE ROCKPIT: When I first heard the single ‘Howl’ two thoughts struck me almost immediately, the first was that it was very cinematic in its sound and construction and the second was that name could only be a character from a children’s story. It’s not often I’m right, so I was pretty excited. Tell us about the name first?


LESTER: You were spot on! I'm totally impressed. The name comes from a project that I've been working on in different ways for years. It started as visual journaling about my romantic experiences, turned in to a comic I used to run called 'Crybaby Comics' about my romantic failures and then I had an exhibition where I illustrated all my ex-lovers. The name is sort of my take of myself if I were a hero in a kids book. Kind of a brand. I felt it was only right to carry it through to my music. 


THE ROCKPIT: Presumably the music came second?


LESTER: Second to the name yes, second to art…probably that too actually. It's for sure my main focus right now - to be honest I never thought I had a chance at a real go. I feel differently now.




THE ROCKPIT: The lyrics are quite involved for a fictional character? There’s a lot about Love and Death, which I guess are pretty much the only two important topics?


LESTER: The name is just the title - the character is still 100% and not fictional at all. All the stories - even if abstracted from a book, or a person I know, still carry elements of my experiences. I believe to make good and meaningful art, it can't be false or sterile. 


THE ROCKPIT: You seem to use words like paint, hinting, and building rather than spelling out? Is that fair to say?


LESTER: That's the loveliest way of describing it. I am totally stealing that. Yeah - I guess I do kind of paint the picture and then use refinements. It's very perceptive actually - I find that I have the whole idea and then the intricacies come. 


THE ROCKPIT: I can also imagine you writing the lyrics before the music?


LESTER: I actually do a mix of the two. It depends where I am in life. 


THE ROCKPIT: So tell us about the EP. Who’s involved? How did you all get together?


LESTER: I have had a few of the songs up my sleeve for a year or two - January and Colours for example have already been played with. The three other songs are new. I got together with an old mate of mine Jonathan Dreyfus. He's a film composer and arranger. He knows me well as we used play in a band together - so a lot of it is intuitive. I think the EP is more of a tasting plate than anything. There is still a clear thread, but for me personally, I'm still trying to find myself and what direction I want to go in.  





THE ROCKPIT: Was there much improvisation or a grand plan?


LESTER: No grand plan. I never have one and make a point of it. I've faced so much rejection in this crazy art world, so I very much have no expectation…high hopes, but no expectation.


THE ROCKPIT: The video for ‘Howl’ is pretty cool tell us about that?


LESTER: My brother Yoav, alongside Superteam studios made it. I asked Yo, very last minute, to make something simple and iconic. I think he did a beautiful job - I feel like he knew what I needed. 


THE ROCKPIT: The first single ‘Colours’ attracted a lot of attention. I hear you’re off the Sound City to record you first full length album? What’s it feel like to be heading out to such a renowned studio?


LESTER: I actually worked there writing and playing for five weeks at the end of last year. I'm realising now that music writing is number one and everything else comes next (in the process of music). At the end of the day, it's nice to sing and play amongst the ghosts of your heroes, but if you are treating the craft honestly, it shouldn't matter where you are. 





THE ROCKPIT: Give us a taste of what to expect from the album? A concept maybe?


LESTER: It will be dark. It'll be poppy at the same time. I don't know yet really. The songs are sounding great so far - we play some of them live. It's hard to say - all I know is if a song can sound good around a campfire and steal the attention of an audience in a pub, it's going to be a good album. 


THE ROCKPIT: You are currently in the middle of a National Tour ending at the start of October, how have the dates been so far?


LESTER: So far so interesting. I'm doing half solo. I guess the previous questions answer is symptomatic of what I'm dealing with at the moment! I'm really loving playing so much though. It's the best feeling.


THE ROCKPIT: Give us an insight into your show, what can we expect?


LESTER: I'm a little theatrical - big sounds, gut twisting bass, heart pumping drums, soul shaking ambience. Stories. Lots of stories. My voice. My poor guitar skills. A good show where we all get lost together. 


THE ROCKPIT: Any chance of any West Australian dates before you become rich and famous and forget about us entirely?


LESTER: I HOPE SO! I love WA! It's on the cards pretty soon. Don't worry, I haven't forgotten. 






THE ROCKPIT: OK so if you were a villain in a movie (maybe even a Bond movie) what would your trademark be?


LESTER: OOHHHH! Great question. I think I would want to be a little like poison ivy, a little like cat woman. Seductive and evil to the core. My trademark would be when people had unholy thoughts about me, they would die - but that would be the aim. Femme Fatale. 


THE ROCKPIT: I imagine you have a broad range of influences, both musical and otherwise but who do you think is your biggest inspiration in doing what you do?


LESTER: I love music that comes from a religious place. I am by no means religious. In fact I am agnostic I think, but music that is prayer is my favourite. I love Hindi music, I love middle eastern chanting, I love the Kol Nidre of the Jews, I love Gospel, I love cotton picking prayer…I love it all. 


THE ROCKPIT: If you could have been a ‘fly on the wall’ for the creation of any piece of music at any point in time (though future might be hard) just to see how it was created – what would it be for you and why?


LESTER: Oohh- I'd have to say The Chain by Fleetwood Mac. It would have been like the 60's version of reality TV drama. 


THE ROCKPIT: What is the meaning of Life?    


LESTER: To live, to create, to die. 





Lester spoke to Mark Diggins September 2013





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