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The Rockpit 2013 Interviews Thomas Youngblood KAMELOT




Kamelot tours Australia for the first time in July We find out why it's taken so long...



This was the interview that we thought would never see the light of day, the normally crystal clear connection to the US failed us in an early morning storm. Sadly this is only a fraction of the conversation we had with Thomas, the rest was lost in the ether. For fans down-under KAMELOT are heading our way in June - make sure you don't miss them!





Mark: Hi, Thomas, it’s Mark from The Rockpit. In Australia, how are you?



Thomas: I’m very good, Mark, how are you?



Mark: Good, thank you for taking the time to talk to us, it’s great to see you finally making it over to Australia. How did the tour come about?



Thomas: Basically, our booking agent had been working on an offer to get us out last year, but it didn’t work out. But with the connection in Japan, we were able to work out a tour between Japan and Australia. We have really wanted to come down for a number of years now, and it’s great it’s finally happening.



Mark: That’s great, the last album, “Silverthorn” was the tenth album, is that right? I was talking to some guys the other day, who are going to be following you around the country, I think you’ll find once you get over here, you have some very dedicated fans!! I guess, these days, playing Japan makes playing here a lot more viable?



Thomas: That’s excellent! I don’t know, I think we are coming from Taiwan to Australia, so it’s still good, it’s probably half the time it would take from the States though. We would have definitely come over anyway and as it happened a great promoter came forward in Australia and made it happen.









Mark: The new album that came out last year, has got some pretty good reviews in the press over here, are you pleased with how it’s been received?



Thomas: I’m not so sure about Australia, but definitely in the States and Europe they loved it so we’re definitely happy
It’s charted higher than any other Kamelot record, so that’s a good thing.



Mark: Tell us a little bit about the single, “Sacrimony” it’s a great song and a great video.



Thomas: Well it’s part of the concept record: basically, it’s about a family in the 1800’s, and that particular song is about the daughter who dies, or is killed, I won’t give it away but watch the video and you’ll get a good insight into the whole story.



Mark: Which songs are making it in to the live set, from the album?



Thomas: Well, we’ve been doing four, but definitely ‘Veritas’, ‘Sacrimony’ and ‘Songs for Jolee’.



Mark: With, Tommy, now on board as well, does it feel like a new start for the band? Is it exciting times for Kamelot?



Thomas: We just feel like we are continually growing up, and Roy decided to quit but it wasn’t like we had to make changes we were still very much on an upswing. What has happened with Tommy is he has brought a new fan base, in addition to keeping the fan base we have, which is great, and also the live chemistry is really special now. Everybody on the stage wants to be there, the interaction with the band and the audience has gone beyond my expectations. I’m really happy that.



Mark: That’s great; he has a fantastic voice which really comes across on the new album. You mentioned before that the new album’s a concept album, what do you think it is about myths, legends and fables that people find so fascinating? You have nursery rhymes on there, which are spoken by your daughter, what does the subject matter mean to you?



Thomas: Not all our albums are concept records. We really wanted to bring a story that we felt was very cinematic. We wanted to bring out different characters, to be able to make it more of a movie-like video. We felt that worked very well. I think it’s something different and something fans will enjoy.



Mark: Yeah, it’s a great story. If you could have been a fly on the wall for the recording of any album at any point in time, what would it be and why?



Thomas: Probably any of the Queen records, I’ve always been a huge Queen fan and I can’t imagine how creative those guys would have been in the studio. I can’t really pick one, but I think being there for any of them would have been great.



Mark: Our final question, that we ask everyone, what is the meaning of life?



Thomas:  I don’t think there is one, just try to be a good person and teach your children how to be.



Mark: You come to Australia for four dates, starting in Brisbane at The Hi-Fi, on the 4th of June, and finishing in Melbourne on the 7th. Do you have a message for the Australian fans?



Thomas: I just want to say, thanks for waiting for us, and we really appreciate the support, and we want to see everybody out there! Come down it will be awesome, and we’ll see everybody there.



Mark: Thank you for talking to us, and can’t wait to see you in Australia in June. Take care.



Thomas: Thanks, Mark, looking forward to seeing you guys down there!









By Mark Diggins May 2013




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