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The Rockpit 2013 Interviews Deathsatrs Whiplasher








Deathstars Interview
Stockholm, Sweden
By Hels Hosie


Photos courtesy of Nuclear Blast
Special thanks to Chris Maric








As a fan of Swedish bands, this band for me, hits all the right places.All  Talented musicians in there own right, kick ass lyrics, a sexy dark image and  of course the accent. Which band am i talking about ?????? Deathstars of course. Call them what your will, Goth/industrial metal, or Glam/Death  Metal, there are only two words i would descibe them and that would be "FUCKIN AWESOME" I have been a massive fan of these guys for many years, bringing us albums such as "Synthetic Generation" (2002) Termination Bliss (2006) Night Electric Night (2009) also the compilation albums  such as "Decade of Debauchery" (2010) and The Greatest Hits on Earth (2011).




Ahead of there Australian Tour, in May, which see's them hit  Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. I caught up with Deathstars, enigmatic frontman Andreas, better known as Whiplasher on a very very cold night in Stockholm, Sweden.




Here is how it went. Enjoy, I did !!!!!!!




Hels :-  First up a massive welcome from The Rockpit, How are you ?




Whiplasher : -  Yeah all good, its just freezing




Hels .- For our readers, who may not be be familiar with Deathstars and the music. Tell us a bit about the band ?




Whiplasher :- (laughs) Yeah!!!! Where shall i start ?




Hels .  (laughs)- Well there is no better place, than at the beginning.




Whiplasher.- Well it starts basically, a band that grew from the underground scene in Scandinavia. We have one flamboyant side and one really dark side. These are the things that really generate what we are doing.  we aren't loyal to any genre  It's hard to label the music, actually its what we call "Death Glam " it's two world that collide.




Hels :-  You all have awesome band member names, how did these come around ?




Whiplasher :- I grew up being called Whiplasher based upon the "Kiss" song, and it stuck. The others ?????, its just the characters that we are. so its been with us since we were teenagers. Its kind of natural, i guess.




Hels .- You have toured with bands such as Korn, Cradle of Filth and of course Rammstein. What have been you highlights of touring so far ??????




Whiplasher : -Yeah definetly Rammstien of course, it was four months of sold out arena shows, 50 arenas. It was a good package with us and Rammstein, they are als ogood friends of ours,   we were talking about touring together, before it actually happened. So both bands were very pleased. It was a great experiance. Totally crazy nights. So it was hell on Earth,but in a good way. (both laugh) 




Hels :-   Awesome!!!!!You have made many many great songs, as a fan myself. My favorites being "Cyanide" and "New Dead Nation " What is your favorite to perform personally ?????




Whiplasher :- like any other member of a band, i would be as cliche and say that every song has strengths and weaknesses. So its hard for me to decide actually.i like the songs from the second album,more than the first album,the first album was kind of experimental. The second album made Deathstars what Deathstars are today, so every song from that Point are very close to my heart i guess.




Hels .- When writing, what are your influences and inspirations ?




Whiplasher . - Well its basically,its all about my life and our lives.its about values i guess. Kiss have always been the biggest  influence for me. Its because of them i guess, i started Writing Music, so there the biggest inspiration by far. also when we started out playing black metal that also had a big impact on the kind of vibe we have in the  music so again its about that,more outgoing show and more glam style and also the more personal stuff







Hels :- It's been a while since you have been to the UK, Do you have any plans to tour there anytime soon ????




Whiplasher .- Right now we are doing all sorts of touring,and just Writing the new album then when the album is released we are going to tour.



Hels :- Well dont forget Glasgow (laughs)



Whiplasher :- (Laughs) we always come to Glasgow



Hels:-   Good!!! I would be disapointed if you didnt



Whiplasher :- (Laughs) we like being in Glasgow, i feel like we are there all the time.




Hels .- Do you agree that the UK/Europe embrace the goth/industral metal scene for more than say The States for example ??




Whiplasher :-well i mean this music is very much about Europé and Scandanvia, we identify ourselves as a European band so to speak. The UK has been very important to us.The UK had bands like the Sisters of Mercy, Joy division and The cure, thats the kind of bands we grew up listening too, so we have that in common with them.




Hels :-  You guys are heading to Australia in May. What can the Australian fans expect on these dates ????




Whiplasher .:- Pure action, dark rock Music,we have been eager to go back since the last tour,its also very very good because it's  in the middle of our recording process,we are looking forward to having a break from the studio and just go and have a few gigs in Australia. it was great the last time so.yeah looking forward too it




Hels .- There are more and more bands, around now are there any that you partically like, and is there any you hate ????




Whiplasher :- hmmm not really Im not really keeping up to date.I'm still listening to the older bands,my old vinyl, i just keep playing it over and over again. i am very clueless of whats going on right now.




Hels.- As an artist, do you Think it's harder now to break into the music scene, than say maybe five/ten years ago ????




Whiplasher :- hmm i dont, with the Deathstars we dont let anyone listen to  the music, until its finished, we dont have any producers, we always keep it to ourselves. we always enjoy our stuff and we have people believeing in us, so the answer to your question, being in a new band, im not sure.I just get the feeling, there are lots of bands comming out, lasting two years then disappearing.




Hels:- i totally agree with you. 




Hels :- What advice would you give for any bands, trying to break into the scene ????




Whiplasher .- Yeah you got to work hard, you have to tour and really be concious of what your doing, I think that too many bands, tour too little. You have to work like hell to make yourself a name . So that would be my advice




Hels :-  "Metal"  was the last single you released back in 2011. Have you any plans on releasing an new album ???




Whiplasher :- Yeah, we are writing it right now, we are going into the studio in a few months or maybe earlier,so we are in the middle of the writing process.So we are going to bust our ass, to make the best job.




Hels :- Before we end the interview have you any messages for your fans and readers of The Rockpit ????





Whiplasher :- Stay healthy, keep being naked (laughs)





Hels:-  Well all that's left to say is enjoy the rest of you evening, and many many thanks from The Rockpit and myself  





Whiplasher :- Yeah no worries, you too.




By Hels Hosie - April 2013




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