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Peter Frampton Live in Detroit DVD review




Pine Knob Amphitheatre,






Released March 29 2013




Originally released in 2000 on VHS and DVD ‘Live in Detroit’, which has been a fan favourite since its release, gets an updated Blue Ray release in March.


If you are a Frampton fan it’s a must, and if you just like to catch the guitar greats then Frampton is one of those players with great touch and feel that often gets overlooked for more explosive exponents of the art. If you don’t fall into any of those categories there’s still a lot to recommend this release.


Frampton of course has a rich history fronting the Herd in the 60’s and starting Humble Pie with fellow countryman Steve Marriott in ’69: he went on the release a number of solo albums before making it huge in 1976 with ‘Frampton Comes Alive’ an album that sold in the millions stateside.


Here Frampton is clearly having a great night. His band of seasoned musicians including  John Regan (bass), Chad Cromwell (drums), and the late Bob Mayo on keyboards put together a solid two hours of music that show you why Frampton matters.


Filmed in one of America’s huge indoor/outdoor halls the footage is great and there must be at least four cameras at work constantly. There are some great highlights for fans like the solo ‘By Your Side’ which just sees Frampton with acoustic as the sun goes down. But of course it’s the classics that most have come for: ‘Show Me the Way’ leads the charge but there are of course the staples ‘Baby, I Love Your Way’, ‘Do You Feel Like We Do’, ‘Somethin’s Happening’ and ‘(I’ll Give You) Money’.


If you want a concert film without effects and pyrotechnics, just great songs then ‘Live In Detroit’ is well worth a look. For a performer whose 15 minutes of real fame came from that other live offering, and his great boyish good looks it’s heartening to see that despite the lack of flowing locks the 50 odd year old Frampton sounds just as good these days vocally and probably even better on guitar.


In short this is a fine set from a great musician who has always had a great rapport with his audience. Alive in Detroit gets it all right taking the highpoints of the ‘Comes Alive’ set and adding a few rarities and even a new song along the way. There’s also a bonus interview with Peter Frampton and previously unseen rehearsal footage of ‘Boot It Up’ from the recent “FCA! 35” tour. All in all a great package for fans or the curious.



By Mark Diggins