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Veteran German thrashers Kreator have been around for a solid chunk of time in the thrash business putting out consistent material over the years. Something that has also been fairly consistent is the band's sound and their latest DVD release, "Dying Alive" is further proof that this legendary thrash band still has what it takes to be at the top of their game.


The band's latest effort features the entire live recording of their show in Oberhausen, Germany filmed on December 22nd 2012, or as the band have humorously added, "post apocalypse day" plus bonus material of behind the scenes and making of the production for the show, behind the scenes of the video for "Phantom Anti-Christ" as well as the full uncensored video's for the same track and for "Civilisation Collapse".


Focusing on the first part of the DVD release to begin with which is the main show, the usual things like sound and picture quality is not something I will go into detail as this will always depend on the quality of your entertainment system but with that said, the sound quality is exactly as you would expect, Kreator's live sound near pefect to the studio versions themselves. Picture-wise is crystal clear.


Moving on, the camera work is frenetic, switching back and forth like a madhorse, never focusing on any one part for very long. This can be a little distracting at times but it's this fast pace that fits Kreator's intense style perfectly and I don't see this as something that would concern too many fans. The camera shots and angles themselves however is something else which has to be noted. The sheer amount of different shots and places of where various parts of footage were taken from is simply astounding. Everywhere from straight shots to underneath the band, roofshots, in the moshpit, backstage, onstage, offstage - you name it. Every angle was captured and this is what makes this recording, for a lack of a better description, pretty fucking cool! The security camshot is a hghlight but the backstage pisshot takes the cake!


The tracklist is a dream if you are a hardcore Kreator fan. Obviously it's hard for a band with a fairly big back catalogue to fit every wishlist on there but I think the band picked a pretty generalised set with a big chunk of old school Kreator hits along with a slab of the newer stuff, especially off their latest album "Phantom Anti-Christ". "Always good to see "Extreme Aggression" and "Pleasure to Kill" in the tracklist and hearing it with a louder modern sound.


On to the bonus features, nothing particularly new or exciting unless you are a diehard Kreator fan. The making of Dying Alive is a short video of the production and road crew discussing the ins and outs of the stage show and sound. The fans section of the mini-documentary is always fun to watch and is a nice reminder that no matter where a fan is from on this planet, the music and the band is what makes us all the same when it comes to music. An added bonus is the 2 music video's from the new album plus a short behind the scenes footage off the title track video. I'm not sure what the older actors featurd in the video were thinking when they did the shoot but if they aren't a fan of the band, then kudos for participating anyway!


Overall, Dying Alive is a good take on what Kreator are all about today, still to this day, doing what they do. Which is good old school thrash metal, and as said before, this is proof that they still have it.



By Andew Schizodeluxe