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CD WHITESNAKE Made in Britain review










I don’t know you wait years for a Whitesnake Live album and then 4 arrive at once! Well maybe we exaggerate slightly there but it wasn’t that long ago that we got ‘Live in the Shadow of the Blues’ (OK then it was 7 years ago) but then came the vintage ‘Live at Donington 1990’ (2011) and ‘Live in Japan’ (earlier this year) and now ‘Made in Britain’ is here. So as far as live representations of the band go this is the third with the core of Coverdale/Aldridge/Beech steering the ship. The common denominator is that all of them are bloody good.



This double disc pack sees the best of the UK tour of 2011 tracks on the ‘Made in Britain’ disc and another side of rarities from the same tour that comprises the ‘World Record’ disc – essentially tracks culled from the rest of the World. ‘Hey wait a minute’ you say, ‘didn’t we just get a live album with added outtakes from this very tour?’. The quick answer is ‘well yes you did, but that was a full show from Japan with various goodies, and this is best of the rest’.



So why add this to your collection? Well if the very fact that it’s Whitesnake isn’t enough let’s look at the pros and cons. On the downside take a look at the track-listing and you’ll find that the set-list on the ‘Made In Britain’ side looks and sounds rather familiar.  



In fact it’s not until seven songs in that we vary from the recently released ‘Made in Japan’ album. We do end differently though, adding:  'My Evil Ways'; 'Fare Thee Well'; and 'Heart Of The City' before we crash into the traditional closers (here and in Japan) of: 'Fool For Your Loving', 'Here I Go Again' and the mighty 'Still Of The Night'. Or if you want to be blunt you get three extra tracks…



SO why buy it? Here at the Rockpit we’re here to help so how about these for starters:




  • May we be so bold to venture that anyone who was at one of those gigs in the UK may want a rather splendid memento of the evening.


  • It has ‘Ain’t No Love in the Heart of the City’ on it (really check it, it does) and it sounds amazing, so amazing that we demand it be reinstated into the regular set-list forthwith (Can someone let David know please?).


  • We get to hear a full version of ‘Fare Thee Well’ live rather than have it played as the band leaves the stage.


  • The cover has both the Whitesnake logo and the Union Jack making it doubly special to British nationals and those worried about where their ‘Rock’ comes from.


  • David is in sizzling vocal form throughout and the production is as clear as a bell (a bell may we add made from only the finest materials).


  • It’s rather well-priced for such an exquisite package.


  • Whether it's wine (red or white, we would never suggest rose for Rock) or a beer, it's a great soundtrack to raise a glass or two to.


  • It would make a lovely (and very early) addition to anyone’s Christmas stocking.




In all seriousness though the clincher for us must be the bonus disc ‘The World Record’ which adds some great songs to the package, there may well be some more familiar tunes in: 'Bad Boys', 'Slide It In', 'Snake Dance', 'The Deeper The Love' and 'Burn' / 'Stormbringer' that we heard last on the ‘Shadow of the Blues’ release back in 2006. However there are also some real gems from the last couple of albums that don’t always get an airing like: 'Lay Down Your Love'; 'Can You Hear The Wind Blow', 'One Of These Days' and as second version of 'Fare Thee Well' (strangely the only duplicated song here as the only real difference is an additional bit of banter).



Aside from the instrumentals 'The Badger' (God how I wish that was a song with lyrics about Badgers) and 'Pistols At Dawn' it’s the Deep Purple classic 'Soldier Of Fortune' that is a tear-inducing highpoint. Sadly my review copy didn’t include the bonus track for those lucky Japanese get 'Ain't Gonna Cry No More' which we’re told gets the acoustic treatment and which we’re sure is absolutely lovely.



Simply wonderful may we have some more please Mr Coverdale Sir?  




Jo and Mark Rockpit


CD WHITESNAKE Made in Britain review 2013