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CD Tyla J Pallas Clobber review








Well now what do we ‘av ‘ere…



Tyla may well have come up with this as a by-product of writing his new book ‘Dog Tales’ (a review of which is coming next week) but spoken word seems to suit him down to the ground. I guess some have it and some don’t, but Mr Pallas just has one of those voices that draw you in closer. When you then couple that with a series of ‘episodes’ that paint such vivid and at times comedic pictures it’s a winning combination.



You do get the feeling at times that our man could have recorded this (and who knows probably did) a dozen times and each time there would be a new layer to the stories, or a new aside, but what we get  is a charming, engaging and genuinely funny collection.  Of course fans will love it, but I think its appeal is wider than that, there’s a real eye for detail here, a sharp mind that takes notes of all the little absurdities of life and recounts them through uniquely English eyes. Indeed, like listening to an American recount tales of everyday life the little touches of Englishness add both colour and depth. I’m not at all suggesting that this is cutting satire or in depth social commentary, but there are gentle brush strokes of each.



From a pure enjoyment level you will get a lot from this collection. There is also a lot of variety: from wistful reminiscences of days gone by like ‘Kenny Market’ to hilarious stories about the ‘styles of the times’ with the epic ‘New Boots’, and the fascinating ‘Widow’s Peak’. There’s also some classic tales like ‘Jags’ and ‘White Stack Shoes’; as well as some great rock and roll style with ‘Hairdoos’, ‘Tatts’ and ‘Bespoke Suit’. 



My favourite moments come from the little details though and the off the cuff asides that occasionally take over from the main story.  At times you feel like Tyla is just sat beside you having a yarn in the pub and that is a huge part of the charm. It’s a CD you’ll end up playing over and over just to pick up a new little one liners and casual observations. Definitely a must for the fans but as I said before it has a far broader appeal than that.



If this format takes off Robert Plants ‘My Favourite Socks’ might be out by Christmas, but this will always be far superior… 



Next I’m off to tuck into Tyla’s other audio offering ‘Grub’.  Expect the review up soon.




By Mark Diggins