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Tyla Grub CD Review








Of Tyla’s two forays into spoken word from late last year I think I prefer ‘Grub’, though I still can’t fathom entirely why as ‘Clobber’ perhaps has the better stories of the two. The beauty of ‘Grub’ though is that it is so ‘off the wall’ and so seemingly random at times as Tyla just riffs on a multitude of subjects, most of them largely food related.


 Part of the charm of grub is that you get a little taste of everything from the exotic and dangerous ‘Dancing Prawns’ and story of the cobra venom-laced pineapple.; to the very English stories about taking your sausages on holiday (‘Bacon & Sausage in a Suitcase’) and ‘Beef in Cap’ which is sadly something I feel the younger generation will probably never see the like of…   


The best thing about ‘Grub’ is that it constantly entertains, whether it’s an aside about the ironies of giving up certain vices only to find they are good for you the next day, or bemoaning the melting point of low fat cheese. Again it’s all done is a wonderfully conversational way like you are sat down with the man and taken into his confidence, it’s also wonderfully ‘English’ and a lot of the references will ring true with those of us who grew up in the UK.


One of my favourites is the story of Rangit Taylor and his 25th Anniversary pasta when Tyla delivers the line ‘I must have been too busy’ oh well, maybe that’s just me. But there’s so much more, as we travel from fine dining to fish-finger sandwiches and all points in-between. ‘Snails…’ is classic and I loved the one-liner and the fact that Luther Vandross also gets a name-check. We also get a bit of traditional British toilet humour with ‘Cleggy’ and the ‘Radioactive Snowman’.  I’m not exactly sure we will see our man on Masterchef soon though, after hearing the trials and tribulations of ‘X-Mas Dinner’ and ‘Tuna and Gravy’.


All in all ‘Grub’ is another winner that stands up to repeated listens  and if you like this then be sure to check out Tyla’s art and music.


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Mark Diggins