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CD Trucker Diablo Songs of Iron review







Trucker Diablo has long been a band that I can’t believe haven’t hit the big time yet and with this latest release they’ve hit a gear I didn’t even know they had, let’s call it seventh gear. So if you have some catching up to do then do yourselves a huge Rock ‘n’ Roll favour and visit their website or even visit the online shadow world and download yourselves some from a legitimate supplier and plug into one of the best bands to some out of Northern Ireland’s Hard Rock community since forever.



It’s been a couple of years since the great debut ‘The Devil Rhythm’ hit and stormed into my top albums of 2011 – and even though you always go through that period of doubt before you hit play (wondering whether a band has gone pop or produced a concept album) there was never anything to worry about with Trucker. I’m pleased to say that ‘Songs of Iron’ starts off just where the debut left off – with some great gruff, raw and hairy  booze-fuelled anthems to lift the heart or anyone that loves dirty rock ‘n’ roll!



Openers ‘Red Light On’ and ‘Year of the Truck’ allay any fears that things might have changed and lay the template for a fine collection of riff driven songs with huge hooks and an even bigger attitude. But they aren’t the best here, and with 14 great tracks this is a monster worth landing.



After a dozen or so listens my biggest recommendation would have to be that the favorites keep changing with each play, something that happens pretty rarely, and it’s a testament to the quality and consistency of the material here.



If you were to push us then of course the single ‘The Rebel’ is great, though it does consciously veer further into Nickelback territory than anything else here. For us though it’s songs like: ‘Drive’; ‘Bulldozer’ and ‘Shame On’ that build the fire, while ‘Rock Hallelujah’ and ‘Maybe You’re the One’ (as close to a ballad as the Trucker’s have been yet) fan the flames before ‘I Wanna Party With You’ sets off the fireworks!




Trucker Diablo are one of the best bands out there at the moment and this is the proof. Buy and enjoy!




Mark Diggins