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CD The Last Vegas Bad Decisions review





ALBUM OF 2012?


01. Beat To Hell
02. Other Side
03. Bad Decisions
04. Evil Eyes
05. Don't Take It So Hard
06. She's My Confusion
07. It Ain't Easy
08. My Way Forever
09. Leonida
10. Devil In You
11. You Are The One
12. Good Night
iTunes Bonus Track:
13. Waste Your Time


Chad Cherry - vocals
Adam Arling - guitar
Johnny Wator - guitar
Danny Smash - bass
Nate Arling - drums



The last Vegas are a Chicago based glam metal band that have released their fifth and strongest album to date. Bad Decisions is a quality album that emphasises their no frills Rock and Roll style.


Beat To Hell

kicks the CD hard and fast with its cleverly worked lyrics about life on the road and a fantastic solo thrown in for good measure.

Other Side

starts with a thick heavy guitar riff that develops in to one of those filthy rhythms that has that sex appeal stamped all over it.

Bad Decisions

the title track and one of the strongest with a hint of Buck Cherry about it, a cool harmony and a catchy chorus the song will appeal to everyone because at some time in our lives we all make a bad decision.

Evil Eyes

is the first single to be lifted from the album and most certainly one of the best on the CD, Chad cherry sounds very much like Robert plant’s vocal from Immigrant song.

Take It So Hard


is a feel good summer song that was made for cruising with the top down on your car.

She's My Confusion

has one of those cant get you out of my head chorus that you find yourself humming to at obscure moments of the day and that’s the mark of a good song.

It Ain't Easy


is pure sleazy rock and roll with that bluesy slide guitar sound and feel good factor.

My Way Forever

a great up-tempo song with a thumping bass groove, very much like Guns ‘n’ Rose’s Appetite for Destruction era.


is total glam rock with a mid 70’s grove and a fine vocal performance by Chad.


Devil In You

In my opinion, is the best song on the CD, it has everything from a catchy tune, great riff, and solo, to a funky bass groove with tongue in cheek lyrics.

You Are The One

a bit of a let down after the last song, it must be the weakest on the CD

Good Night

the slowest song on the album and a fitting end to finish the CD, this would not go a miss on any early Areosmith album, Chad’s singing sounds very much like Steven Tyler on this song.

All in all, Bad Decisions is a sexy wild ride of an album each member of this band squeeze every ounce of rock ‘n’ roll out of their righting soles to create a fine album.


Check out the video for Evil Eyes:


By Paul Hadlington